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    Default Crown Perfumery for ladies.

    Do you ladies wear any Crown scents regularly or from time to time and what cologne do you wear? What do you think of it?
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    Default Re: Crown Perfumery for ladies.

    I own samples of Rose, Malabar and Matsukita, which may all be discontinued now, I don't know. Rose is quite an authentic rose note, a bit like Sa Majeste la Rose, but like Sa Majeste it has a civetty sting in the tail, so I won't be reaching for it again any time soon.

    Matsukita is a lush (tropical?) white floral - never quite veering to indolic, but teetering on the brink. There are lots of other scents out there like it, and it is a bit full on for me.

    Malabar was the most successful of the three, although the opening was a little medicinal. It is spicy and otherwise quite an indeterminate scent, for which I couldn't find precise notes. The finish is smooth and creamy, like Boucheron Jaipur, but without the slightly odd note that mars the Jaipur drydown a bit for me.

    None FBW I have to say, even if they were available!
    "So many scents, so little skin"...

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    Default Re: Crown Perfumery for ladies.

    The only Crown I've ever tried is Rose, which as VM I hate civet has said is a very true rose. I quite liked it, it seemed rather dry - like dried rosebuds in potpourri, and I think I caught some sweet/dusty vetiver in there. Nice fragrance. I think it's been discontinued though?
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    Default Re: Crown Perfumery for ladies.

    Crown Marechal (Original) was a stunning green tea-rose scent. Superior to Creed's Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare, IMHO.

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