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    Default New Washington Tremlett: M.P.H.

    The approach seems similar to Caraceni's Ivy League - complementing an established rose scent with a more casual sport-oriented perfume. While Ivy League seemed to disappoint though (I haven't tried it myself) the notes of M.P.H. sound interesting if youre into classic male fragrances.

    pepper lavender
    oakmoss patchouli

    Obviously one that would convince through quality rather than innovation.
    Just like Black Tie this is bloody 140 Euros a bottle. Has anyone had a sniff?

    P.S.: I haven't heard anything about WT Royal Heroes either?!

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    Default Re: New Washington Tremlett: M.P.H.

    I have a sample of Royal Heroes floating around in "la-la land" somewhere between India and Denmark. My guess is its probably lost in the post because its been 3 weeks or so since it was posted, but I do recall giving this a quick sniff whilst in Vienna at Christmas. Whilst Black Tie was the standout scent from this line, I do seem to remember RH was very nice as well.

    Im also looking forward to trying the MPH at some point in the future.

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    Default Re: New Washington Tremlett: M.P.H.

    I sampled both RH and BT and liked them both (perhaps even preferring RH)....but not nearly enough to fork out the bucks to buy either.

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    Default Re: New Washington Tremlett: M.P.H.

    Royal Heroes: A citrusy, fruity opening with oomphs of tonka...the citrusy opening almost treads on a tightrope to being called gourmand or candy like...but luckily its not, it manages to cross the tightrope without being called lemon candy. The heart is a touch woody with hints of green...with the candy like flavor still lurking all the above with a wax like quality to it and that's the twist Royal heroes has to offer.

    It has some sorta eccentric quality to it which quite proudly says, "im Different". i was testing a lot of frags tht day but i ended up sniffing this up a lot towards the end. this scent has tht "X" factor to it. nice one.
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    Default Re: New Washington Tremlett: M.P.H.

    Interestingly, Washington Tremlett MPH is now available at It seems doesn't always get the scoop.

    Washington Tremlett MPH

    You can use Beautyencounter's current 15% discount (ends Friday 6/26/09), Coupon Code: SEP883. The code is not applicable to all brands, notably Aramis, Chanel, and Dior. also has three other Washington Tremlett fragrances: Black Tie, My Fair Lady, Royal Heores 1805.


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