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    Default Friday 3 October-08

    Good morning everybody.Today I have a doctor's appointment and a lateshift..and really SHOULD be doing something about the state the apartment is in...So a little stressed out at the moment...But at least I have the weekend off! Sotd is Omnia.Hope you all have a great day
    SotE is chosen by Tang; Crystal Noir.
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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Good morning!

    I´m wearing Angelique Encens by Creed today.

    Have an ab fab Friday, all! :bounce:

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    Smile Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Bois du Portugal, CREED

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Love's True Bluish Light

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Liked Escada Collection so much I wore it again today. Went shopping most of the day so arrived home smelling of many different frags.

    SotE is Fidji from my new bottle. It's not as good as my mother's pre-reformulation bottle but still very nice
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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Arpège - Lanvin

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    I'm being brave and give Jolie Madame another try. I find this too bitter for me, but since I bought a bottle blind, I am trying to persevere and perhaps grow a little and learn to love it, or at least appreciate it. Not liking it so far though: bitter violets. I'm obviously not sophisticated enough.
    "A woman who doesn't wear perfume has no future." Coco Chanel

    I'm streamlining my collection
    Currently wearing: Diorling by Christian Dior

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Sa Majesté la Rose

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Currently wearing: Eau d'Iparie by L'Occitane

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Good day everyone. Today I'm in Equipage.

    Have a nice weekend!

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    First snow has fallen and has to be very careful walking to work because it already turned icey. Wearing voleur de roses today..again.
    But once you get locked into a serious perfume collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can.

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08


    Notes : amber, musk, woods, incense, patchouli

    My Review of it

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Testing Fioriscuri from L'Erbolario. LIB

    Rose, hyacinth, iris and carnation according to their website, but on my skin the hyacinths are dominant. A warm reminder of spring in this cold autumn.
    Love it.
    The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp
    Currently wearing: VIP Room by VIP Room

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Christian Dior Addict. Happy Friday, everyone!
    "I felt something so intense, I could only express it in a perfume." - Jacques Guerlain
    Currently wearing: Tabac Blond by Caron

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Plus Que Jamais by Guerlain from a sample. it is delicious!
    I was re reading this funny article about it by Gene Weingarten:
    "Like a lobster with a pearl in its claw, the beet held the jasmine firmly without crushing or obscuring it. Beet lifted jasmine, the way a bullnecked partner lifts a ballerina, and the pair came on stage on citron's fluty cue. As if jasmine were a collection of beautiful paintings, beet hung it in the galleries of the nose, insured it against fire or theft, threw a party to celebrate it. Citron mailed the invitations." Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins p. 189

    What I am loving right now: Shalimar vintage extrait, Chanel Bois des Iles, Chanel no. 22, Le Labo Iris 39, Guerlain Iris Ganache

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    :bounce: Hooray!!! End of the busy season :bounce:

    DSH Hippie Chic today. Was after patchouli and some mustiness today. This has both in spades.
    Sakecat's Scent Project
    "Wardrobe" and Reviews of everything I've tried to date. Please come visit and let me know what you think.

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08


    "Perfume is the dream that carries me."

    There is always the sky to look at

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Don't you all smell beautiful !
    I'm in YR Rose Absolute today- bath gel [ OOOH !] and EDP.
    Major bang for buck- so beautiful.

    Highlight of yesterday:
    Getting kissed by pregnant Guatemalan ladies for trying to help another SA...
    No money, no Chanel, baby.

    Proves my point: for me, it's all about the healing, and the people.
    There's an article in all this, if I can organize my lazy buttocks.
    An article about the lives of ordinary folks.....

    Be well, babes!
    Amber day tomorrow ?
    YIPPEE !
    Terry and I should be in heaven, LOL.

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Happy Friday all.
    To end my week I'm in:

    Neil Morris Prowl

    This is pretty nice on me. Not one of my favorites from Neil Morris but still nice. There has been some comparisons made to Rumba but on me this one doesn't have the same feel. I'll probably put a spritz of both on tonight and do a direct comparison.
    More writing on fragrance by me to be found at

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Funny, Rtamara41!

    I'm wearing the eensiest bit of Fracas this morning.


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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Montana Parfum d'Homme today.
    we have seen the enemy...and he is us.-Pogo

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Thierry Mugler • Alien
    Autumn treasures: Magnetism, Midnight Orchid, Tea for Two,
    Aimez-Moi, Chinatown, Dzongkha, Five O'Clock Au Gingembre,
    Cittá di Kyoto, Jasmin de Nuit, Jasmin Full, Kelly Calèche, Venezia,
    Douce Amère, Eau de Charlotte, Falling In Love, Chergui, Prada,
    Rose Alexandrie, Hypnôse, Omnia, Flowerbomb, Poivre Piquant,
    Cuir Beluga, 7:15am in Bali, Lolita Lempicka, Fumerie Turque,
    Datura Noir, Songes, Gaultier², L'Ombre Fauve, Kors, My Couture,
    Ligea "La Sirena", Red Aoud, Rose Absolu, Cèdre, Milk, No. 23


    Bending backwards is like falling in love, come bend with me

    The mind is like a drunken monkey, it constantly jumps here and there.

    Swami Niranjan-ananda

    "Our life is shaped by our mind; we become what we think."

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Bvulgari's Parfumee Au The Rouge

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Passage d'Enfer

    I'm so happy that it is autumn now and I can wear some of my favorites again!

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Profumum Fumidus

    Heavy Vetiver

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    DKNY Cashmere Mist for me (another external meeting, hence the soloscent!)
    "So many scents, so little skin"...

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Boucheron pour Homme (edp version)

    Peggy: "Right now, we have to get to the mental institution. Something terrible has happened."
    Latrelle: "What?"
    Peggy: "Brother Boy has tried to kill himself. He jumped out of his bedroom window."
    Latrelle: "Isn't he only on the second floor?"
    Peggy: "Yes, but he hit his head on a lawn gnome."
    Fr. Sordid Lives: The Series
    "Live, live, live! Life is a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death."
    Auntie Mame

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Enjoying a sample of AQABA today. Fairly yummy.

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Wearing Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb today, layered with the Bomblicious body creme. Even my own favorite pink fragrance didn't make it into the collage.
    Sniff and let sniff.

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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Fabulous Friday, all!

    I'm wearing Les Nereides Oriental Lumpur... Away again for the weekend, may or may not have access to computer...
    It’s thought that people who hope too much will just waste their life away and never get down to doing any real work. They’re confusing Hope with Wish, its lazy cousin... When Wish whispers, “Something is just around the corner,” what comes or not is never what was wished for. When Hope whispers “Something is just around the corner,” something always is. -- Charlie Elberson

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    Basenotes Institution
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    Default Re: Friday 3 October-08

    Enjoying a warm, sunny Florida day in Comptoir Sud Pacifique Aqua Motu. Have a great Friday everyone!

    Please feel free to check out my Swap Thread - Patou pour Homme, L'Instant de Guerlain PH Extreme, Dior Homme Intense, Pure Malt, Pure Coffee and many more! Click Here For My Swap Thread

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