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Thread: Cerruti Si

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    Smile Cerruti Si

    I've read reviews on this scent and they generally point towards a fresh generic nothing with bad longevity. I got a sample of it from my wonderful girlfriend who discovered my perfume habit, which was much to her amusement. I first smelt it and thought; watery boredom. She then came with another 0.25 fl. Oz sample and I decided to give it a full wearing. Now I actually like the freshness and I think it smells quite nice, similar to AdG but more full bodied and thicker. It seems to enjoy my skin chemistry as it sticks around being noticeable to my nose longer than some of my heavy orientals. However despite these reviews of bad longevity, I could still detect it when I woke up. Needless to say, I immediately gave in and bought a 3 Oz tester! This could be my holy grail! Anyone tried this yet? Thoughts?
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    Default Re: Cerruti Si

    I like it a lot.

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    Default Re: Cerruti Si

    I picked it up on the supercheap, and i find its not bad.
    I wouldnt go crazy over it though. Great Bottle

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    Cerruti Si is not a bad scent, that’s for sure, but it is definitely not a paradigm for the originality. It is quite discreet and that is not the characteristic which I appreciate very much. I have a weird rule to buy the scents that are discontinued, although I don’t really like them. I was thinking for a pretty long time should I buy Si… and - I didn’t.
    I repeat again, it is not a bad scent and it certainly deserves some attention, everything else is just a matter of the personal taste.
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