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    Default Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Hello Everyone!

    I have just returned from a great two week vacation in Orlando and of course I managed to check out some great fragraces too!

    Due to saving up for our trip, and some other costly happenings I had not been able to purchase any new fragrance for a few months prior to this trip. More reason for making a few nice purchases!!

    The only downsid to my fragrance smelling experience was that my girlfriend requested that we did not go to Mall at Millennia as she doesnt like it there. So I missed out on the Creed's, new Burberry The Beat for Men and the Chanel Exclusifs. However I still managed to enjoy myself enough not to miss out too much!

    As we were staying at Walt Disney World on this occasion my first fragrance testing experience was when we visited Epcot. A theme park like no other, where yo can enjoy fine dining and sniff different fragrances in each country.

    First we hit the UK and I checked out the Miller Harris fragrance section, where the sales assistant tried m out with every fragrance she has done (reminding me of why I hate the sales assistants in the US sometimes!!) and it took forever before I could get aay from her. After that I realise that I dont rate any of the regular MH fragrances. I like a couple of the Nouvelle collection that I have samples of, and wuld lik to try Petit gratin Cuir D'Orannger and Vetiver Bourbon, of course I will have to do that another time!

    Next is the jewel in Epcot's crown, the Guerlain boutique, which stocks some excellent exclusive fragrances! I tried a few on the cards and settled for trying to great frags on my skin, Cuir Beluga and Angelique Noir. The creamy leather of Cuir Beluga was extremely captivating and Angelique Noir was fantastically fruity before it's sensual drydown, so I was left sniffing my hands for the rest of the day!

    Next stop was the Italian pavillion, which focused on Aqua Di Parma, Bulgari and Salvatore Ferregamo fragrances. New to my nose was the Pierre Bourdon creation Tuscan Soul, which came accross as a light citrus fragrance before coming slightly floral. It was too similar in t's opening to Canali Style which I feel I would prefer to this one.

    After that was Norway and to re-try an old favourite in Geir by Geir Ness. A fantastic fgresh and crisp fragrance with an smooth drydown, I as unfortunate to miss Geir Ness in person who had been in the store signing bottles. Would have been interesting to meet him, maybe next time!

    A few days later I went back, and purchased Cuir Beluga. Its just so great to wear, and my most expensive fragrance purchase yet at $235 (after sales tax added), but in this occasion money well spent!

    I also enjoyed some shopping in Orlando at the Florida Mall and the outlets. Not much to reprt on the fragrance front at the Outlets although I did notice a Lalique store due to open. On visiting the new Etro store at Prime outlets I was told that they were expecting deliverly of the full line of fragraces and toiletries before the end of the year! I cant wait to sample these when I return early next year!

    At the florida Mall I got to sample a lot of great and not so great frags! First stop was Macy's where I got to try a few forgetable fragrances, such as Givenchy Pi Neo (although it is better that the Play frag released in the UK), and the Izod fragrance. the new Tommy Hilfiger was too light for my liking, although I did enjoy the new Perry Ellis and (yikes) the new David Beckham signature fragrance, which was a BIG imprvment on the previous releases, and one I will definately purchase when it is inevitably discounted after Christmas in gift set form!

    Next stop was Nordstorm, where I sampled the new Gucci by Gucci fragrance, as well as Canali Black Diamond, the latter almost being a purchase, the former being nothing special.

    On to Dillards where I got to experience the Bois 1920 line, which I had sampled when visiting London. Itried my favourites and finally purchased Classic 1920, a fantastic daytime citrus scent that is envigorating and addictive. The only problem I had with Dillards was the incompetence of staff who could ot tell m anything about the line and did not even understand when I asked to purchase thefragrance, bringing out the first Bois 1920 they could lay their hands on. A lack of samples was disappointing and kind of puts me off purchasing from them again! Also worth mentioning was two other fragrances they had, Tous Pour Homme which was a nice sophisticated fragrance and Madelaina Duck (might has spelt her name wrong) with a fresh scent with citrus top notes. Definately worth trying and much cheaper than the Bois 1920 ones!

    Final stop was SAKs, where I got the chance to try White Patchouli on a card, and I was unsure of whether I liked it or not. Will try again inn the future. I also tried out a few Bond frags, liking New Haarlem and Bleeker street, as well as NH combined with Little Italy. However I have bought a few last time so was not really wanting to purchase these again. I also saw that they had the Clive christian fragrances now but never got round to trying them yet. On leaving the store I spotted the Amani Prive fragrances at the corner of my eye, I tried Pierre De Lune and Orange Albahmra. Both are fantastic as ist he Jasmine one I tried! Almost another purchase but again I decided to leave it for another time!

    I also went back to the Guerlain store a few more times on my trip and tried Cologn 68 which just arrived, a nice citrus cologne that I never got to try on the skin as when I returned it had already sold out and the Elixir range of fragrances or which the Gourmande release smelled fantastic on my skin. However, at $250 plus sales tax, I thought I would be pushing it by buying it on this trip, we shall see if it is there come January... time will tell!!!

    So another great place to check out fragrances, and hopefully by January it will be even better, with Etro and possibly Lalique fragrances too! An I have been promised a visit to Millennia Mall as well. Better start saving fast!!


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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Thanks for sharing your experience in Orlando. I had no idea that Orlando had so much to offer for fragrance lovers. Note to self: Stay away from Orlando.

    You have got me curious about Cuir Beluga, and I agree that Classic 1920 is a wonderful fragrance. Congrats on your purchases. Sounds like a wonderful trip.
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Glad to here you had a great time Lee. Orlando is a great place to shop, especially the Mall at Millenia - I go there often myself. You definitely need to go next time!
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    LeeScot, when you come back make sure you visit Perfumeland, a huge store located across from Festival Bay mall.

    There is also a Caswell-Massey store in Winter Park, just north of Orlando
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Orlando added as another place added on my "must visit list"... Thanks LeeScot for sharing so much with us!

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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    I really enjoyed your post!

    You certainly should stop my Millenia next time... I just got my treasured bottle of Coromandel at the Chanel boutique there over the weekend

    I've also had lots of fun at the Saks at Florida Mall though.. some good stuff there.

    I need to get another season pass to Disney I think.. I never did the scent crawl at Epcot when I had a pass. I only drank around the world there.
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Living in Miami my whole life, I've been to Orlando atleast 10 times in my life. But that was all pre-Basenotes.

    Now, after reading this story, I want to go on a sniffathon there. ((jealous))

    It's funny, a couple weeks ago I bumped a thread about Cuir Beluga because I read about it (I've been on quite a Guerlain kick recently) and many guys mentioned that CR is so much more than just another leather scent. It sounds like it should be perfect for the upcoming cool weather.

    Did you smell Bois de Armenie by Guerlain (in the same 'line' as CR)? Now that's a bottle I'd drop +$200 for in a heartbeat. Fantastic stuff!

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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    I love reading about fragrance adventures like this.. thanks bud

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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Glad to see O-TOWN in the spotlight. I wonder why you girlfriend doesnt like the Mall at Millenia. Its an excellent place to shop, its about 5 minutes from my house.The Neiman Marcus store carries the 100ml bottle of Guerlain's cologne du 68 for $100.

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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    I had fun reading this! Thanks! Cuir Beluga sounds interesting - I'll have to try that one.

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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Glad to read that you had a blast there with your ladyfriend in Orlando, great read for us; gives us a sense as to how you experienced the scents and how they improved your trip.
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Well, Lee, you won't believe this but...

    My wife and I also just returned from Walt Disney World, and I think I must have shadowed you all the way around Epcot, because my experience was identical to yours! Imagine my surprise when I read your post (feeling a bit crestfallen too, having been scooped of an original post!).

    The highlight for me was also the Guerlain shop. If you've never been to a Guerlain exlusive shop (and I had not), this is a great place to start. There is a huge display of bee bottles on one wall, backlit and shimmering. My mouth was watering and my nose was twitching before I even sampled anything. So much to try!

    Of course, they had all the standards - Jicky, L'Heure Bleue, Mitsouko, Derby, Shalimar and the rest. My interest fell on the "Il Etait Une Fois" line of reintroduced fragrances, and I decided on Sous le Vent as my sole purchase ($280 for 125 mL). It was a difficult decision, but I preferred SlV's light, green take on the chypre style and felt that it would be easy for a man to wear. Alas, it doesn't come in a bee bottle, but rather in a beautiful art deco apothecary splash bottle with a ground glass stopper (photo to be posted soon). Definitely a collector's item.

    They also had the parfum version of Habit Rouge but unfortunately none was out for sampling, and it was priced out of my reach ($500-something) for 50 mL), so I resigned myself to simply gazing at the box. The Elixir Charnel line was also available for sampling, but my heart was in the classics, and the theme of the EC line was firmly planted in the present - lighter, brighter frragrances that might appeal to a younger clientele, I think.

    The SAs were extremely helpful (the Disney mindset was at work here too), and a Guerlain rep was also there, who provided a level of expertise that the regular staff didn't have.

    BTW, the rep said that the 37 oz. bee bottles could be special ordered from France for any fragrance (EdT I presume), with the bottle personalized with your initials - all for the bargain price of $1200. Having neither the cash nor the possibility of ever finishing that much fragrance in my lifetime, I passed.

    Incredibly, I forgot to take any photos of the interior of the shop and could kick myself for not doing so. No bee bottle photos! However, Jill did take a snap of me standing in front of the shop, which I'll post here soon.

    Lee covered the other shops quite well, with a few omissions (accidental, I'm sure). Next to the Guerlain shop is another shop in the France pavillion that carries a number of other lines, including Dior, Givenchy, Yves Saint Laurent Chanel, and Annick Goutal. I believe they had the entire line of AG there, and my wife was quite taken with a few of them (can't remember the names, but they were white flower based). Oddly, no Dior Homme or Chanel Exclusif.

    I was also disappointed that the Great Britain pavillion didn't have Penhaligon or Truefit & Hill. I really wanted to sample Hamman Bouquet, having read so many positive reviews of it here.

    I would highly recommend that anyone wanting to do an Epcot fragrance experience should schedule their visit to coincide with the Food & Wine Festival, which continues from late September to mid November. It really adds a fun dimension to Epcot, without which is just a so-so travelogue-style experience.

    Now back to the real world....
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Thanks averyone for your kind replies, I just thought I would expand or reply to some of your comments where possible!

    Knightowl, I really hope I can check out Perfumeland at the Festival Bay mall. How big is this thing? And does it stock a good range of fragrances? Definately another place to add to the todo list in January (Where possible!)

    jrd4t, yes I really want to sample those Chanel Beauties, one of the reasons why Millennia will be a priority for the next visit!

    Mike, incedentally I did try Bois de Armenie the same day that I sampled the Elixir's! I had BdA on my left hand and the Gourmande Elixir on my right, certainly kept me entertained by just sniffing my hands all evening!!

    NELSON29, my girlfriend isnt really a huge fan of upmarket stores, as she tends to get intimidated by the sales assistants and size 0 girls that most commonly shop there. Howver, she did discover on out recent trip a loe for Chanel perfumes, so perhaps I can tempt her on my next visit with the Chanel boutique as bait!!

    Snafoo, it would not surprise me if I was in store whn you made your purchase, as I ventured into the Guerlain store five times on my visit!! Incedently, I tried Sous le Vent on my last visit there and have to say it is an awesome fregrance, which wass still evolving on my skin the next morning. They dont make fragrances like they used to! I did neglect to mention the other fragrances in the French pavilliion, however, I did think the exact same as you when I noticed that they did not even stock Dior Homme, very strange indeed! I am glad you also had a great time at Disneyworld, normality is sinking in here too!

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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Quote Originally Posted by Snafoo View Post
    They also had the parfum version of Habit Rouge but unfortunately none was out for sampling, and it was priced out of my reach ($500-something) for 50 mL), so I resigned myself to simply gazing at the box.
    Snafoo - did you say Habit Rouge parfum? Not the Eau de Parfum, but a parfum? For a men's fragrance?


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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    Quote Originally Posted by mikeperez23 View Post
    Snafoo - did you say Habit Rouge parfum? Not the Eau de Parfum, but a parfum? For a men's fragrance?

    Well, you know, I started to wonder the same thing; 50 mL of parfum is overkill on a global scale, is it not? But $500 for an EdP seems unreasonable too, unless it's in a crystal bottle. Speaking of which - they also had special edition bottles of some perfumes (Shalimar & Mitsouko, I think), but I wasn't impressed. Looked like a regular bottle was airbrushed to create a white gradient.

    The Guerlain rep gave me her business card with an email address. I'll send her a note and get to the bottom of the EdP vs. parfum question.
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    Default Re: Having fun with Fragrances in Orlando

    To not have Penhaligon's under GB is shocking.

    As many of you will know I am something of a Penhaligonphile and believe that many of their fragrances hold up very well against well known standards.

    Mind you I would temper that by mentioning I am having a current revisiting of my love affair with Habit Rouge, but that's me just being contrary....
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