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    Default My Next Frangrance

    Hi, I am looking for a fragrance with a warm, rich bergamot opening with spices and a creamy base of unsweet, unsickly vanilla and amber. Possibly like original Old Spice. Is there anything like like?

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    Not sure of the exact notes offhand, but ones you might consider are Jaipur Homme, Hanae Mori's men's one, and Shalimar Light. Take a look at the BN directory reviews for them. Something else that's very wearable by men, IMO, is Revlon's Fire & Ice (a female relative let me try it).

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    Oooh oh I just tested a frag that matched this description closely (to my nose...I just realizes amber is not listed as a note...still worth checking out?) - Enlevement au Serail by Parfums MDCI.
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    Default Re: My Next Frangrance

    May I suggest Viktor & Rolf Antidote.
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    Lyric Man by Amouage
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    Club de Nuit Intense Man by Armaf
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    Sunshine Man by Amouage

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    Geir by Geir Ness fits the bill perfectly. i have earlier mentioned it to be a refined, modern version of Old other words, Old spice done in a Creed Himalaya style. i think Mudassir has a bottle up for sale at a nice price...
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    1740 by Histoire de Parfums

    Top note : bergamot, davana sensualis;
    Heart Note : patchouli coriander, cardamom;
    Base Note : cedar, elemi, leather, labdanum.
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