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    Default My musings: M. Micallef Avant Garde & Lostmarch Atao

    Avant Garde
    I was intrigued by the notes consisting of coco, tobacco and incense. I was expecting something dark but to my surprise, the topnotes struck me as something familiar. After a few days of wondering what it was, I figured out what it was. The top notes remind me of a watermelon jolly rancher. Sweet and unusual and somehow familiar but mysterious. I normally revolt against such sweet scents but I could not help but smell myself over and over again. I find the scent fascinating and despite the unusual composition, I find its uniqueness to be a plus. I think some would find the sweetness to be somewhat feminine but there is a masculine darkness about it.

    As a diehard Acqua di Parma fan, I typically use this as the benchmark for all things citrus (Tangerine Vert not withstanding). Upon spraying, I immediately thought, "another AdP copy". However, after a few moments, the citrus tang dies out to reveal something outright magical. Something about the wood/spice combination turns this into citrusy, warm, somewhat boozy, and cozy scent. I feel at peace when I wear this. I fear that, despite the wood basenote, it doesn't last for an entire day but for the price, it can't be beat.

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    Default Re: My musings: M. Micallef Avant Garde & Lostmarch Atao

    Interesting. I've got to try Avant Garde yet. I really like their Black Sea EDP.

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