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    Thumbs up Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    A new release from Davidoff I have seen nothing about it on Basenotes, not even on in the upcoming scents. I got a little sample yesterday when i bought Annayake Tomo. Smells REALLY good, although its not original or innovating at all. Very masculin but soft, kind of sweet yet not so feminine as the recent releases. I think the women will love this stuff. Anyone else tried?

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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    Hola amigo.....Nope.....but believe me....I disliked very much the original Silver Shadow....I have not much ilusions with this edition.
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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    i was looking for the original version and did recognized the new private edition too and thought at first that they would be similar but after reading this german news: Woody - Oriental i think that they are not very similar.

    It´s also interesting that Silver Shadow Altitude which cames out 2007 and is not similar to the original too have far better reviews than that.

    I am surprized that the original silver shadow is so bad ?
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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    things are getting overrated here a bit IMO.

    i tried the original silver shadow and didnt dislike it but didnt find it to be different to many other designer frags. bit woody, quite a lot of spices and a stinging sweetness underlining the whole thing.

    altitude however (which i own by the way) is one of the good mainstream aquatics, suprise, suprise.
    it doesnt have anything in common iwth the original SS though.
    (the review are spot on)

    private again is a huge let down, fruity, sweetish, not bad but without any originality to it.
    you smell it and forget it about 3 seconds later.
    just as nearly all other designer frags that got a 'night' or so in their name.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    like i said, its nothing new.very common, but i liked it a lot.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    I tried this one yesterday and didn't like it. It smells like everything else, even the SA admitted she hated it.
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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    Hmmmm. Could Davidoff be going (imho) the same downhill route as Dunhill with each new release? (I've put on a carbonate shield in case there are loyalists out there )
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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    Strange that you guys should be discussing about this new frag. I almost bought it this afternoon at my regular perfume shop. For a good tester price too. But then, a voice told me to check out the reviews at basenotes first. No reviews there yet. At least this thread does sound a little caution first and I have make a decision on this frag.

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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    Could you tell us what you thought of your sample of Annayake Tomo? I can't find samples of it anywhere. Thanks

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    Default Re: Davidoff Silver Shadow Private

    Nothing remarkable at all in silver shadow private .... i sampled it in a store and it is like tons of the other "cheap" perfumes....

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