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    Default Miking Aramis JHL similar to YSL's Opium for women

    Guess this is a difficult point here...

    Bough a botle of Aramis JHL seven years ago, almost used it up. When wearing it I got many compliments, some times the question was if I were wearing Opium for men, since they smelled some sort of male version of Opium for women.

    The point is, JHL is unavailable in local stores here in Argentina, so in case you want to buy it, you have to do it through Amazon - bought plenty of books through them, but fragrances are another story, I am afraid they can be stolen (regarding books, that is different, most people just don't read, much less books in english).

    However, Opium is ready available in local stores. So the point is: is there any way one can make Opium smell similar to JHL? Maybe adding some sort of essential oil common in many men's fragrances, say frankincense or myrrh?

    Thank you for your advise!
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    Default Re: Miking Aramis JHL similar to YSL's Opium for women

    I agree with you - I think Opium (the women's) smells very much like JHL.

    Of course, it is common knowledge here on Basenotes that:

    1. Estee Lauder's fragrance for women, Cinnabar was their version of Opium. A dazzling, aldehyde-sparkling oriental.
    2. Both JHL and Cinnabar smell VERY MUCH ALIKE. Many guys have done side-by-side tests and their opinion is JHL is the EdT version and Cinnabar is the EdP version of the same scent.

    To answer your question, I say wear Opium if you feel comfortable doing so. You might want to try different formulations. Maybe the Eau de Parfum will wear more comfortably on you, than the Eau de Toilette? Maybe the parfum (which is the most expensive option) will smell better? Try all of them.

    As far as layering with something - well, JHL has a much more grounded and woody base. So perhaps any essential oil derived from a wood might give you that base note that will make Opium a little more 'butch' for you.

    One more word of advice: Try spraying Opium on and waiting about 30 - 45 minutes before leaving the house. I think you'll see the middle and base notes are more woody.

    Good luck!
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    Post Re: Miking Aramis JHL similar to YSL's Opium for women

    I'm with you on JHL. It's no secret around here that I think JhL is the finest fragrance ever created. Now I don't get the comparison between JHL, and Womens Opium. I get different Openings, and for that matter different notes throughout the whole progression.Cinnebar, and JHL yes I agree they are more the same than they are different. If you can find it try Sandlewood perfume oil by The Body Shop,when you stop laughing, if you can find this try it. I swear for the first 45 minutes this is JHL.Cinnamon dominates the top of this fragrance, and for that matter well into the heart. When it drys it does become sandlewood dominate along with a Cinnamon note. Very nicely done.
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    Default Re: Miking Aramis JHL similar to YSL's Opium for women

    See I thing JHL smells alot like Cinnabar. Yet I find Cinnabar for Estee Lauder to be less floral then Opium.

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    Default Re: Miking Aramis JHL similar to YSL's Opium for women

    Thank you very much for your advice!

    I have a bottle of JHL that is comming to its end. I will tell you about results as soon as I replace it for Opium and start wearing it layering with frankincense or myrrh

    Regarding options, unfortunately Cinnabar an TBSh Sandalwood Oil Perfume are unavailable down here.

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