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    Hello Everyone, ive been a lurker for a few weeks now, trying to dive into collecting and enjoying fragrances. Im a 25 year old who is looking for a few good smells. i dont really own a lot i do have Issey Miyake for men, Drakkar Noir, 212 (Which i love) , Black By KC (but it dosent last too long) and a few oldies.

    Would love it if you could recommend a few smells i shud start with, im planning to plan my wardrobe with 4-5 good smells, still a student though so cant afford the high end :P, any recommendations would be great!

    PS i did check out :
    Dreamer By versace and didnt like it, same with blue and red jeans.

    Starwalker by mont blanc was quite a surprise , i see not many people have commented on it.

    Anything recommendations along the lines of 212 or issey for daily wear and black by cole for evening wear would be really helpful.


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    Dior Eau Sauvage -- my basic rec. Widely available, & classy.
    Essenzia di Zegna, also available. Way better than Acqua di Gio IMO.

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    You could always go the route of Gendarme - crisp, classy, bright scent that never overpowers but doesn't disappear too fast. It's quite nice, but probably not odd enough for me.
    I'm a colognosaurus. Rawr!

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    Thanks! odysseusm , Ive never seen them around but im gonna keep a lookout for them. Its a pity where i live we just get a select range of perfumes.

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    Both of those are in the big drugstore chain and also the good department store where I live. But they are NOT drugstore scents, they are good quality. Cheers!

    "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower // drives my green age..." Dylan Thomas

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    D&G pour homme!
    Versace Man Eau Fraiche (day wear)
    Rochas Man
    Terre d'Hermes

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    Here's a few I like:

    Habit Rouge, Guerlain
    Pour Monsieur, Chanel (Concentree is what's available in US)
    Eau d'Orange Verte, Hermes (Concentree is good too and lasts longer)

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    Thanks a ton! you guys are really helpful! :-)

    if given a choice what would you guys choose from the lower end off the shelf deos/edts > something along the lines of diesel plus ( love it, that 'darkish' smell works wonders in clubs)(
    And a distinct different fragrance aswell, Kenzo homme, Ferrari Black etc..


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    Try these:
    YSL M7
    Bvgari Black
    Bvlgari Aqua
    JPG Fleur de Male
    Ralph Lauren Polo Double Black or Polo Explorer
    Dior Homme
    YSL Body Kouros
    Looking for a sample of Gucci Envy Me.

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    Let me second:

    Rochas Man
    Terre d'Hermes

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    Cheers guys, will go hunting this weekend! , keep the recomendations coming though.

    Being a student most of my wardrobe deals with sneakers vintage tees jeans and chuck taylors!, issey and other dior homme goes real well, so does a bit of lacoste. what do you guys think?

    i feel id be wearing something high end or the so called niche id feel like an ass! i believe that there shud be the right balance of attire and the fragrance to go with it

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