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    Default Gendarme Sky

    Anyone else love this one? I know it is not in your face like most sillage monsters but it is so clean and fresh that it could never offend. Gendarme ought to be recommended by the national allergy association for fragrances that even the most sensitive people can wear. I have a sample of this and have been feeling the effects of sinuses due to the weather change and this had been a delight to spray on.
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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky: Perhaps one of the freshest I have smelled

    IDK, it's too much Windex mountain fresh for me.
    Not as chem nasty carcinogen like Azzaro Vetiver.
    I like herb citrus fresh.
    If you like this you might like the twisty kenzo.
    It's like gourmet pool chlorine/lemon crystal light.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky: Perhaps one of the freshest I have smelled

    I can't handle the kenzo fragrances. They are nauseatingly sweet save Kenzo Tokyo in which there are better of that genre.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky

    Dullah, I am afraid you are right. After repetitive sniffing of my wrist and shirt, I don't think I can wear this. It is too synthetic and does remind me of a window cleaner. It is starting to make me dizzy a little. Thats not a good sign.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky

    I like SKY a lot. Probably my summer fragrance for summer '09. I like the clean soapy lime.

    It may be my favorite Gendarme.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky

    I have a large bottle of it and it will probably be a lifetime supply. Sometimes I crave it and other times I can't go near it. I find it can get to be quite acrid on me and I just have to be in the mood.

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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky

    Its toooooo damn clean and artificial. I like its sparkle in the beginning but just don't see it as something I would wear daily

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    Default Re: Gendarme Sky

    The blue liquid does make it look like windex. An experiment done many times over and over has been wear Jello is made but the colors are altered so Lime is red Cherry is yellow Lemon is Orange ans so forth. Over 50% of subjects choose the flavor based on the color.

    But with its sharp cognac note yes Sky smells like window cleaner and its not my psyche tripping out.

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    Thumbs down Re: Gendarme Sky

    Great fan of gendarme house,i,m really curious in try this,at the end last week i can try,and really this is a very bad cologne,smell like a cheap aerosol,.......... i only wait that gendarme green not in the same line please
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