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    Default Havana pour Elle

    Ladys, it's a pleasure to post here.

    I need some opinions about Havana pour Elle.

    I have a good proposal on this fragrance, and it seems like a rare one. I wonder how close it is to the male version. Perhaps I'll buy it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Smeller, it is nothing at all like the men's, it's a very sweet powerhouse exotic floral. It was a fave of mine for a while, but one can get tired of the sweetness. It received lots of positive comments though - but I can't imagine it for a guy. Well, who knows??? It can be resold on ebay successfully - some desperately still want to buy it.

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    Default Re: Havana pour Elle

    Jazztweety, although the girl who offered it to me claimed "a man could wear it", so I wondered about an eventual similarity with male's Havana.

    But a sweet floral is not what I look for, so I don't intend to wear it. And its ebay prices are not high enough to make a profit.

    Wow, are you a trumpetist? Nice avatar pic, btw.

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