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    Default Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    I just had to let you all know that good service is alive and well in London.
    I ordered a bottle of Heliotrope Blanc (Piver) from Les Senteurs online yesterday at 9a.m.
    and was totally surprised to find the postman at my door with it at 9 a.m. this morning (24 hours later!!)
    Is this a record?
    Not only that, but they had also included FOUR generous free samples - Love in Black, Miel de Bois,
    Angeliques Sous la Pluie and Zephyr de Rose (Rosine.) I am very, very happy and truly impressed.
    Thank you Laura, Shelley and all at Les Senteurs.

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    Default Re: Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    I totally second that - I had an hour there chatting to Claire and Natalie last weekend, sampling the latest PGs - Feminilla and Drama Nuui - and exploring more of the Rosines line. They were also generous with samples and I am still figuring out which FB I am going to go for - it is a toss up between Brulure de Rose by PG and one of the Rosines like Kashmirie or Rose d'Amour. Or Poussiere, even! On a previous visit, a different set of staff were on hand who were equally attentive and passionate about perfume, not to mention very knowledgeable.

    I will shortly be experiencing their mail order service, but I have no doubt it will be as slick as everything else about the store!
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    Default Re: Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    You were lucky. It depends who does your order. Most times I have ordered (very expensive items) they have not put any samples in.
    I have had numerous problems with their customer service too. They once charged me twice for an item then got angry with me for asking for my money back (let alone apologise).
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    Default Re: Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    I had a great mail-order experience with them. It was very cordial (by phone) and then a very quick delivery. Lots of samples.

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    Default Re: Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    I used their sample service a lot when I was first finding out about perfumes. It was incredibly useful for someone who couldn't get to big shops to smell e.g. Carons. I've wanted to visit the shop ever since.
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    Default Re: Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    I tried to order some samples a couple of years ago but the website wouldn't accept my address for some reason so I phoned instead. The man I spoke to was so helpful and even sent me the samples at no charge.
    Their service was excellent. Now this thread has got me hankering after that bottle of Lipstick Rose again...........!

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    Default Re: Truly impressed with Les Senteurs!!

    I've ordered samples a couple of times and a bottle of ELO Divin Enfant (which came with about 5 samples): they've always been fast and efficient. By the way, kewart, tell us about Heliotrope Blanc. Is it worth buying? I love heliotrope in, say, L'Eau d'Hiver of Apres L'Ondee. Is it similar?

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