Ok, just a little story:
yesterday i woke up, took a shower and sprayed 2 sprays of my fuel on me.. usually when i spray my neck i get so used to the smell and can not notice any sillage at all.
But i had to walk down town cos of some things, and it was a cold and windy day, so when i came back home one hour later, i was so frozen i just jumped in a hot shower.

It was then i noticed that the whole shower started smelling the most beutifull smell ever (dryed down fuel for men ). I thought that it was strange, but when i dressed up again, i sprayed my usually sprays and let it dry for some minutes, then i put my hand under the water and just tapped some drops, only a few on my neck and just above where i sprayed so it would slide over the sprayed area.

And guess what, for at least four hours later i became almost dizzy, i was embarrassed when i went out again cos i felt like i had oversprayed with 10 sprays or something.. Im serious, a constant cloud of smell that i smelled on my self for so long, thats insane!

Tonight im gonna try it with a perfume with bad longlivety and sillage, hope it will work with John Varvatos! coz with dk fuel, i really dont need it.

Peace out =)