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    Default How to increase the sillage!!

    Ok, just a little story:
    yesterday i woke up, took a shower and sprayed 2 sprays of my fuel on me.. usually when i spray my neck i get so used to the smell and can not notice any sillage at all.
    But i had to walk down town cos of some things, and it was a cold and windy day, so when i came back home one hour later, i was so frozen i just jumped in a hot shower.

    It was then i noticed that the whole shower started smelling the most beutifull smell ever (dryed down fuel for men ). I thought that it was strange, but when i dressed up again, i sprayed my usually sprays and let it dry for some minutes, then i put my hand under the water and just tapped some drops, only a few on my neck and just above where i sprayed so it would slide over the sprayed area.

    And guess what, for at least four hours later i became almost dizzy, i was embarrassed when i went out again cos i felt like i had oversprayed with 10 sprays or something.. Im serious, a constant cloud of smell that i smelled on my self for so long, thats insane!

    Tonight im gonna try it with a perfume with bad longlivety and sillage, hope it will work with John Varvatos! coz with dk fuel, i really dont need it.

    Peace out =)

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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    My sillage comes from direct shots to the chest under my shirt. Wore Polo Modern Reserve the other day on a flight and I could smell a hint of it the next morning. But up until that night..about 6 hours was beautiful coming up from the shirt. It was great
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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    im gonna try the water method.

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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    The water thing actually worked for me with Paul Smith Story the other day, after wearing it for like more than 10 hours, the only thing left on my wrist was this really light smell, but after I washed my hands, the dry down came back up and kicking. That happened for 3 times (I washed my hands 3 times) that night.

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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    Dear PKF.

    i think i know what was going on.
    u jumped under the shower. so ur bloodsirculation goes faster, ur skin gets warmer because of the houwer and ur body tempreture. so yess this will make u mell the sillage.

    i have noticed same thing fter a warm bathe. Is was not only thye sillage but i could detect more notes.
    somehow because of the warm tempreture of ur skin after shower all the oils become more vivid.

    the only think is that perfume attache it self to oils. so u need some body cream or lotion befor aplying
    the perfum. But this way u will get less sillage and more longevity.

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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    You guys.

    Whenever you smell something, you are smelling the molecules carried in the air. Humid (aka moist, aka with water in it) air can carry more (has a higher saturation threshold) and thus when its really dry, you dont smell the fragrance you are wearing. Splash some water on it, and it comes back as the water evaporates more of the remaining oils. So yes, you can use water to "reactivate" a dried-down fragrance.

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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    it is all about body temperature, try one thing, if u cant detect any smell from you after some hours, just take a run, 100meters or something, you will notice after, that the smell of perfume you are wearing is stronger, why's that? cus` of temperature of your body! but it's ridiculous to do it :P
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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    I should try this soon
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    Default Re: How to increase the sillage!!

    What about applying to both armpits...

    Also if you are wearing any kind of inner, applying on that gives a fair amount of sillage and lasting as the fabric of the inner holds the perfume better and as & when it comes to contact of the skin, its chemistry changes

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