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    Default What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    Hello everybody! I've lurked here on the past but I finally got around to registering for the forums. So on to a semi-popular question around here. What fragrance to choose? I'm 21 and I've decided I need to graduate from my "high school" scents. Here is the list (in order) of colognes I've worn consistently over the past few years in.

    Abercrombie & Fitch
    Curve Crush
    Hollister Drift
    Nautica Island Voyage
    Lacoste Essential

    All of these are fresh (if not boring scents) and citrus-y. I would like to move up to a slightly more interesting fragrance. I purchased a bottle of Burberry Brit but I seriously thought it made me smell like an old man. My suspicions were confirmed when a friend said "You smell like my Grandpa." My friend left his Gucci Envy here so I'm experimenting with it but my verdict is still out. Can anyone recommend me a fragrance to move on to? I guess I'm looking for something still in the fresh/citrus category but a little more interesting but I'm open to anything. Thanks a bunch!

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    wow ur right those are high school frags, um fresh n citrusy huh, try imperiale by guerlain, citrusy top note but cools down to a fresh powdery after afterwards, love that stuff!

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    My housemate, interestingly enough is suffering from the same rut you sound like you are. He has just come to realize it though at the age of 29. I picked up a coffret of the Polo Line, omitting polo sport as it reminds me personally of high school a lil too much. Polo Explorer is a light citrus frag with some really nice cool air notes and some very woody bases. Polo Double Black would also do well giving you a clean scent that finishes powdery without making you smell like an old person. If you like fresh and outdoorsy you might really like Clean for Men or Shower Fresh by clean for men. both are citrusy and soapy but still very developed and would be a great way to start expanding into a broader taste in fragrances.Also Versace PH is a new one out this month I think that's pretty airy. And Gucci just came out with a counterpart to the womans scent from last year called Gucci...just "Gucci". Check it out it's got some great fresh pear and apple notes that settle nicely into a classic Gucci Cedar scent. Also Pi Neo would be something you might enjoy.... So there's 7...

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    It is good to expand the arsenal -- and develop your tastes!
    Here's a few suggestions.
    Eau Sauvage by Dior is still citrus-y but is got some complexity and is an absolute classic.
    Encre Noir by Lalique is a very appealing light vetiver scent, and vetiver is a great area to expand into.
    And for something really different, try the Comme des Garcon INCENSE line, it is niche but not odd. I really like Kyoto, Zagorsk and Ouzazarte.

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    I would give Bois d'Iris from The Different Company a go if I were you. It is distinctly different than what you've worn. It's a very elegant but also modern frag!

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    How much are you willing to spend?

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    Burberry Brit smells old?

    Don't dismiss a fragrance because it smells "old." The association is probably wrong to start with. Fragrance has no age. I'm 22 and happily wear Habit Rouge (as one example) even though I once got the "that smells old" comment. I enjoy the smell, it projects the image I want for myself, so I wear it. Concentrate only on how you like the smell. Put some effort in finding something that you really enjoy, regardless of how old you think its wearer should be. You'll project a more sophisticated image then, and actually have your fragrance say something about you. The usual fresh citrus doesn't say much.

    That said, I recommend you try Terre d'Hermes, or if you think this is too much, then try the more toned down Un Jardin sur le Nil by Hermes.

    Good luck.

    Edit: Just to clarify on the Habit Rouge comment I got: it was from my mom. I got almost ten very positive comments on Habit Rouge in the past few months from colleagues, including girls. I wear it when I'm looking to impress or when I have my best outfit on, and it always rocks.
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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    fresh? how about dior's dune - full of fresh green and a wonderful fig accord, or YSL l'homme, with a distinctive citrus note and a pleasant woody dry down?

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    Quote Originally Posted by SirSlarty View Post
    How much are you willing to spend?
    Ya, that sounds like a good first question so we can have a base on where to start our suggestions.

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    Comme des Garcons Vettiveru would be a good candidate for you to try. It starts off citrusy before drying down to a vetiver and cedar fragrance. A very nice scent, especially for someone breaking away from the mainstream fresh scents. Best of all this is inexpensive.
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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    Issey Miyake - classy citrus.
    Essence di Zenga(or something like that, blue bottle with rubber outline on sides) - fresh citrus top.
    Mugler Cologne - "soap" sort of scent, worth trying.
    Bvlgari Aqva - sweeter scent than these, marine type. Best of these IMO.

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    Default Re: What frangrance to get out of "young scent" rut?

    Lalique Pour Homme
    YSL Rive Gauche Light Pour Homme
    Bvlgari Homme
    Bvlgari Soir Homme
    Escada Pour Homme
    YSL Body Kouros
    YSL L'homme

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