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    Default Il Profumo scents

    I just got some samples from Il Profumo. Aventure, G 11, and Imprinting.

    Imprinting struck me right off the bat like Acqua di Parma, but with a nice lilac end, but it finished very soapy.
    G 11...not really sure what I think of it, it's very cloying to my nose.

    Now...I like Aventure. There aren't many reviews of it here, which sucks, b/c I like to know lots about something before I buy it. Especially when it's $120 or so. But this reaaallllyyyy smells like a cheaper fragrance, but I can't put my finger on it. Like Allure PH or something like that. Or even something from Trumper's or Truefitt.

    Can anyone help me nail down that cheaper scent?


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    Default Re: Il Profumo scents

    Anyone who has experience with this fragrance house? I'd also like to know your thoughts

    Thank you!

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