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    Default Looking for a fragrance (help)

    I'd like something casual, I'm new here and have never worn cologne in my life. I'm tall and pretty built (athletic), and my fashion style is usually T-shirts w/ designs / ripped jeans and flip flops. Probably not so typical of most of the people here but i wouldn't know hahah. I'm looking for a day time fragrance and a nighttime fragrance. During the day i go to a University and like to chill with my girlfriend, and i party almost every night, but never at clubs so something less formal and more chill. Can anyone help me? Please bear in mind i have no idea about any of this stuff!

    much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    Hugo Boss Soul for daytime
    Chanel Egoiste for night

    ..........just suggestions to TRY.

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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    Thanks man, will definitely sample before i buy

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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    A couple I like.......

    Polo Blue for casual
    Aigner Black for evening
    John Varvatos anytime
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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    Abercrombie Fierce, Hollister, American Eagle.

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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    I think a good scent for a young guy would be Essenzia di Zegna. I often recommend this. It should be widely available, it is light and interesting, and has more "character" than the ubiquitous Acqua di Gio. And it is available in "product" (soap, aftershave balm) so that building up layers is E-Z. Check it out!

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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    Thanks for the suggestions I'm going out to sample a few right now, just came back to write down what yall said, and attorney, i probably won't even sample those just because i smell them everywhere.. thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Looking for a fragrance (help)

    One last suggestion is the only cologne my husband will wear: Guerlain's Vetiver. Its fresh and citrusy, a bit woody and spicy and kind of go-anywhere, do anything.

    My husband's preferred clothes are ratty old rugby shorts and flip flops, while I spend my life in t-shirts, jeans and hiking boots, so don't you worry about your dress sense - you fit in perfectly here! Nice to have you join us.
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