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    Default Has anyone else layered Yatagan and MKK?

    I've tried layering Yatagan and MKK for the first time today, and it's a great combination (at least for me). The MKK smooths out some of the teeth of Yatagan. It's surprising that at times, the Yatagan recedes into the background and most of what you smell is MKK. Most of the time though, the Yatagan still comes through as the dominant scent.

    This is helping me develop an appreciation of both frags.

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    Default Re: Has anyone else layered Yatagan and MKK?

    wow thanks for that...I will definitely try on that combination...

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    Default Re: Has anyone else layered Yatagan and MKK?

    I have and liked it quite a bit. But I must say that I like just about every layering with MKK...
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