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Thread: Wrong decant?

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    Default Wrong decant?

    I recently ordered a decant of Amouage's Lyric Men from theperfumedcourt. The juice I received is labeled correctly but it does not smell anything like the scent tree description. My wife claims the decant smells like a fresh, fruity, young teenage girl sort of scent and I can detect none of the frankincense that the line is famous for. I have samples of most of their other male fragrance line and this is nothing like their other offerings. Is it possible that I received the wrong decant?

    I've had a couple of dealings with TPC in the past and they've been good experiences. I would appreciate any advice about how I should go about resolving this.


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    I've received mislabled samples from them before. Just send them an email and they'll send you a new one I'm sure.

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