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    Default Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    I remember seeing this in an older magazine once, and really loved the scent of it...Its a very creamy, vanillic comfort scent. Even though its for women, do any of you wear this or at least enjoy it?

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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    I like vanilla a lot as a smell and always felt that Chopard created a great gourmond scent with this one.

    I do not feel that it is masculine enough for a man to try to pull of though its not even sold in department stores here in the USA and I sure it has been forgotten by most women here - so if you did wear it I don't think anyone would question it.

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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    Interesting question. I remember reading that it has a very floral element that Chopard called "lotus", not that lotuses have a smell but... I will have to try it out. It's funny how my skin totally destroys flowery elements like rose. Not sure about lotus. Good question though. I will report back. I know my mom has a bottle of this because I gave it to her.

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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    on a related note, has anyone tried Chopard's Casran, for men? I've always been curious about this one, but I've never seen it to try... even though it's not expensive I'm not sure I need to buy it blind.

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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    Sounds a bit like Revlon's Fire & Ice but with amber in the base. I just ordered one because they are going cheaply now, so I'll post back with comments here in a few days. One thing I really like about these kinds of "women's" frags is that one spray a few inches above the navel usually lasts for hours, but the sillage is more "personal" than if you sprayed yourself with something like Quorom.
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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    I have been using Casran since it was launched - have to say that sometimes I 'like' it and sometimes found it rather cloying and annoying - it smells like a mediteranean sort of fragrance, it has geranium in it but really lovely top notes. The bottle is superb and love the packaging but not sure about the actual fragrance - do use it every now and again. I see that you have Tiffany (for men, I assume) for sale - not saying it is similar but have always compared the two together for some similarities - Tiffany for men can be cloying for me at times as well. Not sure if Casran is worthy of a blind buy but the bottle is certainly woth having - truly amazing design. Madness is one from Chopard that is a rather outstanding oriental fragrance - it is darker and has more woods and incense, I believe, not as fruity as Casmir but love the mango and coconut notes in Casmir.

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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    I bought a bottle of it very cheap and blind last year, which was in the men's section. It's not ultra feminine, but it's definitely not masculine either. I gave it away as a present to a lady who was most appreciative of it.

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    Default Re: Any of you wear Casmir by Chopard

    Okay, I tried Casmir. I sprayed twice to the chest, nearly 2 hours ago. Lots of stuff going on initially. Now it's mostly amber, sandalwood, and vanilla, perhaps with a touch of jasmine (and hints of some of the other top notes). If you wait for the drydown, it seems to me to be more "masculine" than Shalimar Light or Shalimar EdC, but definitely "in the same ballpark." So far, it's the only frag with a strong sandalwood presence that I can tolerate, which means that it has a place in my rotation (and may even supplant Shalimar Light). I've also tried Barbara Bui not long ago, but the sandalwood there was just a bit too much, so I was lucky I bought a sample of that but a bottle (actually more than one) of Casmir (got them at a good price so I figured they'd make nice Christmas gifts if I hated the juice).

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