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    Default Anyone familiar with the Lauder fragrances?

    I just had one of those experiences we've all had one time or another.
    I was in a bookstore, and the man standing next to me smelled soooo good. I glanced at him, and he was not my type (looked very married). I was in a quandary. Should I introduce myself, and ask what fragrance he was wearing? Would he think I was coming on to him? The only other time this happened to me, I let the man slip away and regretted not asking ever since.
    He picked up a book, and headed for the checkout stand. I followed him and stood in line behind him. Was this fragrance worth it? It wasn't as awesome as the one I let slip away years ago.
    I finally decided to go for it, and asked the name of his fragrance, saying it smelled really good. He could barely speak english, and I couldn't understand what he was saying. The clerk was waving for him to step forward, and I followed along like a cat that smells a can of Fancy Feast (laser intensity). I was trying to translate his unintelligible words. Finally it came together "Estee Lauder for men".
    What? Was he really wearing Lauder for Men, or one of the newer Lauder scents? I didn't trust that he'd given me the correct name, his english was so bad. He might have meant a Lauder for men.
    I've smelled Lauder for Men before, and don't remember it smelling this scrumptious, but you know how notoriously fickle chemistry is. I wondered if anyone here could pinpoint it from my description?
    The distinctive thing about it was a lack of bracing freshness, possessing instead a clean powdered warmth. The powder was front and center. It might be called soapy on some, but on this guy it was cushy powder. I didn't get animalics or musk - the attraction was more like laying on the couch with someone, watching TV and being content to just smell him for hours. In other words, it didn't want to make me rip his clothes off. It was more....appealing. You'd want to just stand next to this guy and inhale.
    Any help?
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the Lauder fragrances?

    It really sounds like Lauder by Estee Lauder. I sometimes wear Private Collection (1973) and the deep drydown smells rich and dark, devoid of anything fresh where all the green notes have expended themselves. But I wonder if 'your guy' could've been wearing a scent explicitly marketed toward women?

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the Lauder fragrances?

    Well I don't know if this would make a difference or not but the belk store near me just started carrying lauder for men. They always had Beyond Paradise and Intuition but never the lauder for men and now they have it.......wondering if it is just being reintroduced or maybe even reformulated.

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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the Lauder fragrances?

    Lauder For Men used to be an all time favorite of mine when in college. I might have to revisit it again.
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the Lauder fragrances?

    It sounds like you were smelling Lauder for Men. Used to wear it growing up - I can't imagine wearing it now. But yes, I imagine it would smell great getting a whiff of it, from someone else.

    Good for you, in going up to the guy and asking him what his scent was.
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    Default Re: Anyone familiar with the Lauder fragrances?

    He did say Estee Lauder for Men, so it sounds like he, or I, got it correct.

    Thanks - this will save me a lot of searching. I knew you guys would know. Hello Fancy Feast - meeow.

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