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    Default Il Profumo: question about absolu's?....

    I just got back from Italy and I was really taken by the Il Profumo line, which I sampled in quite a few different places during my travels. Particularly the Vetiver de Java, which name notwithstanding is absolutely everything I have been looking for in a Citrus/Green Chypre, for me this is a really special scent! (I’m writing a review of it)

    My question is: has anyone tried the "absolu" version of anything from Il Profumo? One part of their line, the “Osmo” perfumes, offers both an alcohol-diluted version (which they call an “Osmo Parfum”) and an oil-diluted version (which they call an “absolu”) I never did see the absolu version for sale in Italy, but I see that Luckyscent carries them. If anyone has any experience with them (particularly the Vetiver de Java) I’d love to hear about it!
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