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    Default The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    White Diamonds seems to be the grand dame of women's scents. It's sold from WalMart to Macys and the women who wear it often wear a little too much. The scent is not ground breaking but loud and obnoxious very much with out style and substance. But this scent sure won a lot of awards and is to date the most successful celebrity fragrance on the market.

    So I ask is their a men's equivalent in the fragrance market? I am not saying a scent that smells like White Diamonds (god knows we don't need that!) but one that is over done cheep and wore too much but still successful after all these years?

    What is the Elizabeth Taylor's White Diamonds for men?

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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    This is a tough question....I'll have to think on this....I'll be carefull not to hurt myself as I think.

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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    Cool Water?

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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    I believe Drakkar Noir qualifies.
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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    Quote Originally Posted by bossanova_boy View Post
    I believe Drakkar Noir qualifies.
    Agree on that... Drakkar Noir fits all those descriptions of a "White Diamonds equivalent for men".

    • Sold from Walmart to Macy's
    • Relatively cheap, especially if bought at discount stores or drugstores
    • Smells dated, loud, and obnoxious, which makes it the butt of a lot of jokes on TV shows (Ever watched "My Name Is Earl"? That's Earl's favorite cologne!)
    • Endorsed by a celebrity, a NASCAR driver to be exact (#88 Dale Earnhardt, Jr.)
    It's really quite pleasant, except for the smell (...)
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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    Since it's price drop down here in Australia, I'd say that Joop Homme qualifies as the type of scent you suggest

    Drakkar Noir isn't worn that much down here, probably because it's still pretty much a full priced scent with little discounting.

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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    Couldn't think of one that fit all the descriptions, but here's a couple that come close:

    Acqua di Gio ---- Way too much worn by way too many, dated, sold everywhere

    Unforgivable --- Obnoxious, has ( oddly ) won many awards, endorsed by a pseudo-celebrity
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    Default Re: The Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds for men

    If we're going for the celebrity angle and looking for something that has been embraced by a wide range of people (beginners to experts) and can be found at many different stores (I know Sears sells it) than it would have to be Unforgivable. Of course, it hasn't been around that long, so it hasn't quite passed the test of time. I'm not certain it's loud and obnoxious enough, either.

    Non-celebrity, Drakkar Noir certainly fits the bill. And dare I say Polo? Oops, I just did!
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