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    Default Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    Here is a little history. When I was 15 I was on a crusade for the ultimate scent I had found it once on a guy who had passed by me but I couldn't ask him what he was wearing. Here in Bulgaria there are perfume shops which sell the so called "draft perfumes" where everything is said to be an authentic rip off of originals Fortunately I found out that The One was under a label "Joop" - that was everything written on the label. I bought 10-15ml and was extremely happy with the smell, but then I couldn't find it anymore in that store, it has been discontinued I have tried all the original Joops I could find but none of them was close to that. And now, almost 15 years later I have discovered that there is an old Joop perfume which is still available and which I haven't ever seen on my quests - namely Joop Nightflight. Unfortunately I can't find in the stores for testing, so the only way for me is to order it blindly - a practice I have forbidden for myself and which I am observing strictly for the last two months. By reading opinions and descriptions of Nightflight to me it sounds almost exactly like the one whose rip off I have bought in my childhood, but who knows - I will understand in two days. During that time, could you be so kind as to tell me something positive about Nightflight Ok then, tell me whatever you think

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    its a very safe scent...and my staple cologne in summer days...very long lasting . I have got lots of compliments for this one...the initial notes are not really stunning- a distant cousin of one of the aquatics. But its the heart notes and the base notes, that particularly are appealing...Bergamot and pineapple followed by a blend of jasmine and sandalwood....a hint of amber there...this is how it develops on my skin...

    did i mention a terrific longevity? i get 8 plus hours on this one...good sillage- people have detected it on me long after it was gone ...

    go for wont be disappointed....I am on my second bottle :P

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    Its not a bad scent. But might be a bit too generic. It has a prominent pineapple note if thats your thing. Nevertheless, it does last and last as expected from a Joop!.
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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    I would say that the best words for me to use in describing Nightflight is "bright and smiley". Not the kind of scent I'd wear while in a pensive or serious mood. Nightflight, to me, shouts "party time" and likes to dance about. Great in summer and quite "safe" as well. My bottle is very dear to me: It was a gift from a friend and fellow Basenoter named Wedge from down New Zealand way. He sent me a sample and I dug it; then he sent me the whole bottle! A wonderful gesture, indeed.

    Sorry to wax on......but I will say, if you like bright, crisp, soapy scents, Nightflight is a great choice. A nice scent to break out every once in a while.

    Have fun!
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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    Yes, I like bright, crisp and soapy scents, I am not into deep, dark, heavy scents. I think somebody has described it as a fresher version of Cool Water and taking in mind CW is one of my favorite perfumes, I expect to like Nightflight as well.

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    Cool Water with a bit of the Aqua Di Gio zest.


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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    I bought Nightflight last year ( semi-blind) and have barely used it. Unfortunatly, for me it comes across as sharp and bothersome when I wear it, but I have only done so in cooler weather. I forgot all about it over the hot summer, which I am sure is a time when this scent does well. As well, after dark is seemingly better. It is no coincidence that it is labeled Nightflight and has stars inbeded on the bottle. In fact, I hated it at first. Now, not so much, but will not wear it as I am not feeling it.

    I'll come back to it in Summer, but if you like Cool Water, you should be OK with this one. The descriptions in the review section are really interesting reads :

    "...Imagine a star filled sky, Lift weightless arms to nightflight high, Scent of screaming passion as night falls upon day, I dark angel wing my love to my dreams in milky way..."

    "...A laundry room with the lights off..." - I agree with this mainly, but unlike the reviewer ( much respect ), I do not see it as boring.

    "...You could picture yourself near a harbor on a starry night wearing this..." - absolutley !

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    Nightflight is not a bad scent, but it isn`t for everyone.. In my oppinion, the best scent from Joop, is Joop Jump! For a couple of days ago i smelled Joop Homme for the first time, and to my disappointment it smelled like and old grandma!

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    I actually dig this one. Its a little soapy but I find it very refreshing. It actually has a really nice almond note in it!! Give a go. you can find it dirt cheap on the net. The bottle has stars on it . so cute

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    I tried this again last night on my neck, and I think I should be fine with it. Maybe I had to get used to it, but I am glad I have something for the hot days of summer. Very soapy , but nice. Certainly not a popular scent among the "public" ( which is a great thing IMO ).

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    Default Re: Tell me something good about Joop Nightflight :)

    Guys, it has just arrived, and it is the same fragrance which I was looking for as mad when I was a child!!! Well, I have somehow changed my taste for 15 years and I cannot tell this is the best perfume ever made, but I still think it is so cute and sexy scent! What an adventure! It is certainly in my top 5!

    P.S. It may be strange but then and now I still think it contains tobacco but this is not listed...
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