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Thread: Superstitions

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    Well, I admit it: I'm superstitious, I know it's stupid, infant, primitive ... but I can not help it.

    I tend to associate objects with positive or negative situations, I have good luck shoes, good luck underwear, bad luck pants... and fragance is not an exception, when I wear CdG Sequoia I feel me "protected" (maybe smelling woods?), and I tend to associate Yatagan with bad experiences.

    Is just me?

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    Default Re: Superstitions

    damn i thought i was the only one!

    haha..yep, i have 'lucky' scents, 'bad luck' scents.....'sex bringing' scents....alot of superstition rolling around.

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    Mugler Cologne is one of my good luck scents, I normally wear Green Irish Tweed on job-related days (interviews, etc.). I find A*Men to be a comfort scent, warm and sweet.

    You're not alone in this phenomenon!
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    Yep me too and I'm not all that superstitious. I step on cracks, leave the car seat down, walk under ladders, and adore black cats. Hell one of my 2 lucky numbers is 13 and if I wasn't late I'd of been born on the 13th not the 14th.

    I will never wear some fragrances on a date if its a Friday and others if its a Saturday. I won't wear Yohji if I'm competing (athletically) and never ever ever wear DK Fuel or Michael Kors to my film sets.

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    I never wear any of my favorite scents into any situation that I know could be potentially negative. I don't want the memory association to ruin the scent for me. I've been that way for years.

    Even if the situation turns out very positive for me, I associate the scent with nerves. NO THANKS!

    I can't wear Mania to this day because of it. I wore it to a fantastic job interview, which I got, but the whole day was a stress bomb!! Why revisit that out of choice?
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    Default Re: Superstitions

    Hmmm with scents I am not superstitious at all. I don't have good luck/bad luck objects or rituals exactly. I'm not a very good catholic, but there are some things that seem a little superstitious - like making the sign of the cross when I come across an accident scene or an ambulance w/ lights and sirens, I almost always have a religious medal with me, if not on me, especially if I am travelling and feel the need to wear one if I have anxiety for no reason or nightmares and of course, I have Virgin Mary statues in my house. My great great grandma was a curandera, so I definitely believe in witchcraft and the supernatural, but don't have a lot of superstitions about that, other than I wouldn't leave nail clippings and stray hairs lying around just anywhere.
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    I have absolutely no superstitions.

    After being a professional blackjack and poker player for years (on a small scale), I quickly learned that superstitions are based on the human mind. There's no reality to them. Humans remember the hits and forget the misses.

    The human mind is a pattern seeking device. It's part of evolutionary past. It had to be in order to survive. Hear a noise in the underbrush, get attacked by a bear. Connect the noise with danger, avoid noise in the future. That same mechanism creates superstitions.

    On the other hand, I could see that wearing a fragrance when something bad happens, would prevent me from wearing that fragrance again. But that is because of the extremely strong connection humans make between odor and memory.

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    Default Re: Superstitions

    "If you would see the Devil, look in a mirror"
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    I've never really associated scents I wear with events. In late August my wife and I were in an accident just outside of Chicago with a semi. At the time I was wearing Red Vetyver, I've worn that scent manytimes since then and not once did it evoke memories of the accident.
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    Default Re: Superstitions

    Quote Originally Posted by surreality View Post
    I've never really associated scents I wear with events. In late August my wife and I were in an accident just outside of Chicago with a semi. At the time I was wearing Red Vetyver, I've worn that scent manytimes since then and not once did it evoke memories of the accident.
    It's interesting though that you remember what you wore. Or perhaps that was your signature scent at the time?

    I just recently sampled a fragrance that I very much loved, and something absolutely horrendous happened that day. And I find I cannot wear it anymore. Just won't. Superstitious? Maybe.

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