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    The other day I received about $30 worth of 1ml glass vial samples. When I was done applying some John Varvatos (great scent by the way) on myself, I mishandled the vial while applying the cap back on. I was wondering if anyone here knows an effective and spill proof method of handling those tiny little vessels. And please don't suggest to get the spray vials because I want to sample as many frags as possible with the least amount of money.

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    I usually hold the vial in one hand while tightly pressing that arm against my chest and use the other hand to gently to remove the cap. This allows the vial to stay stationary during the manipulation, using this method I haven't spilled the juice even once.

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    Keep the vial vertical, then cover it and turn it upside down wherever you plan on applying it. This way the vial is always sealed and upright.

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