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    Default Shipping to the USA

    Hi guys!

    I sent a parcel to somebody in the USA. It was an EdP (100 ml) and I sent it by priority registered mail.
    I declared it as a gift. Today I received my parcel back from the USA. It was opened and sealed
    again in a different way. No letter from the Customs inside, no stamps on the parcel with
    the reason why it was sent back to me, just a small "US Priority" stamp.

    Of course, I'm terribly dissappointed: I can't keep my promise given to somebody, plus, I lost money.
    And: I don't know why they sent it back. Did somebody have such experience with the customs in the USA?
    I know, Canadian Customs can be very difficult, but I never heard something like that about the USA. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Shipping to the USA

    The secret is that you must lie. You must say that the parcel contains "Cosmetics", and that it is a gift. If you do that, the chances that it will be delivered are very high.


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    Default Re: Shipping to the USA

    If customs opened up your box it would have had their tape on it and there wouldn't be any question that they did it.

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