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    Default Citrusy, sporty & Incense?? Penhaligons Racquets

    Every release from this house has me wowed. Be it Hammam B, Blenheim B, Duoro or, Castile. something very soapy, very powdery about them which is a style i like...

    i chose to post on Racquets coz i found the accords to be really amazing (just like the rest) especially for the kind of summer we have here now...

    Racquets opens with a beautiful soapy/barbershop accord of lime notes which is almost smoky in nature as it's supported by a brittle musk note. such an amazing mix. the first 15-30 minutes, lime accords just play on skin with different citrus elements coming back and forth every minute...a beautiful interplay of notes. Accords so lively and fresh that the mere thought to apply this after a tough game under the sun is well, just refreshing.

    Somewhere in the midnotes, this fragrance morphs into a powdery floral scent with hints of clove. again, smells refreshingly cool. The base is where i got a bit of surprise element, a sort of revelation - dusty frankincense?? i never expected incense!!! such a beautiful accord(of incense) which had actually controlled the whole scent..a note which gave it the "white" "smoky" & "powdery" feel thruout.

    One just has to picture this, a scent with citrus top notes, a very english floral touch on a musky, incense based basenotes!! unique combination it is and a one which works so well. The incense notes acts as some sort for coolant for the summer. a very well thought of composition which works like a charm when the temparature is soaring high. so, get your racquets and wear your lacoste white classics!!...its time for a game!!
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    Default Re: Citrusy, sporty & Incense?? Penhaligons Racquets

    I agree. Racquets is awesome!

    Within the last few weeks have I really started to fully appreciate Penhaligons. I've owned Blenheim, Douro, Endymion, Castile, and Racquets for a couple of years now, but just had to replace the bottle of Douro. I suppose it reignited my interest in the house.

    Douro is my current favorite. You could literally wear it anywhere. Castile is about the best neroli/orange flower musk you're going to find. Blenheim took a while to warm up to, but once I realized that it had the exact kind of lavender I prefer, combined with the other ingredients, it made about 3 other purchases unnecessary. Endymion is just pure awesomeness. Great for night time, and hanging with ladies or gents.

    I've got my eye on Opus 1870...
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    Default Re: Citrusy, sporty & Incense?? Penhaligons Racquets

    Racquets is my favorite of the Penhaligons family, with English Fern coming in close behind. It (Racquets) is in roughly the same soapy, powdery clan as Jockey Club and Canoe, but with SOOOO much more panache than either, and also just enough citrus to "out-sparkle" the other two. It's marvelous in the warm weather, yes, but also very nice when colder temps abound.

    I'm surprised that Racquets doesn't get more "play" than it does here on the board.
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    Default Re: Citrusy, sporty & Incense?? Penhaligons Racquets

    I am so with you all on your opinion of Racquets Formula. I first came across Racquets on a trip to UK in 1999 and had been after something soft and soapy that lasted, and at the same time captured some of the "essence" of what Chanel No 5 was about, but without the aldehydes, and of course for guys. It was a magical find because I wore it nearly every single day from August 1999 to mid 2005 when Dior Homme was released. I've also noticed that it actually gets better in warmer weather.

    I receive many compliments when up close to someone, and just being able to still get the faintest smell on myself after almost 8 hours is brilliant. The other bonus is that virtually no-one else wears it here in Australia, so it's just about unique as well. (We sometimes get the Blenheims etc in very small numbers in the high end dept. stores).

    It's disappointing to see that Penhaligons only do the EDT now. Last trip to UK in 2003 or 2004 I stocked up on the talc (which is a great long smell too) and have a few left, and the bath gel was equally nice to add to the overall scent too. Hopefully they might bring back something soon.

    These days, for me, Racquets comes out on special occasions, important meetings etc, where I want to make an impression, and as much as I love Dior Homme, I think Racquets is up at number one for me.

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    Default Re: Citrusy, sporty & Incense?? Penhaligons Racquets

    Racquets Formula talc! Yes, that stuff was fantastic! I used everything in the line everyday for about 6 months. I miss the shower gel too. It made the gym a very pleasant experience. Still use the EDT for afternoon outings. It's definitely a classic scent but uncommon around here. In a town full of either trendy or stodgy, I'm glad I have my Racquets Formula.
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    Default Re: Citrusy, sporty & Incense?? Penhaligons Racquets

    great to see so many fans of this one. it's a truly unique scent! What really kicked it in for me was the incense note!! i mean, who would think of having a sporty fresh scent with Incense in it!! truly unique!
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