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    Default Building My Library

    I have a mishmash of scents that I've picked up over the years. Some were a chance sniffing of something I liked, and some were blind or impulse buys that I wasn't that keen on when I got them home. One way or another, I have ten bottles, about half of which are really likely to be used.

    I started out thinking that I was searching for The One, but soon decided that I wouldn't want to be tied down to one perfume any more than I'd want to drink just one kind of wine. So I'm now looking for maybe 5 to ten that I really like, that will cover a range of moods, social occasions and seasons.

    I thought I'd start a thread to record some of my trials, if that's OK, and for anyone else to chip in with their ideas and comments, please .

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    Default Re: Building My Library

    I've already added one - le Parfum de Therese is a new acquisition. I want to try Guerlain's l'Heure Bleue and Jicky again, and I've sent for some parfum samples of them. I'm alarmed how fast I'm gathering samples!

    Yesterday I tried Guerlain's Sous le Vent (actively disliked it on skin or fabric) and Frederic Malle's Lys Mediterranee (my husband hated the strong lilies). Today I've tried Guerlain Attrape Coers (just didn't really grab me), and Chanel Cuir de Russie (not quite my thing).

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    Default Re: Building My Library

    Are you looking for suggestions here, or is this just more to chronicle your acquisitions?

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    Default Re: Building My Library

    I'd be happy to get suggestions - either of specific scents to try, or general advice on how to target things I might like.

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    Default Re: Building My Library

    Some of the scents I've tried have been too aggressively loud for me. In reaction, I'm longing for something quiet, that will blend with my skin and just add something subtly extra - some warm spicy notes, maybe. Not too sweet. Maybe I'll sample some of The Guide's "Best Quiet" list.

    I'd like something warm and comforting for the winter months, too. And something cool and reserved for the summer that isn't too citrussy (I like citrus in the summer, but just fancy something different for variety). And a light floral for when those moods strike.

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    Default Re: Building My Library

    Please chip in if you have opinions on any of the scents I'm trying, or have other ideas.

    Today I'm wearing Iris Poudre. It's quite hard for me to pin down. At first I thought it was just another not very interesting powdery floral, but it's been growing on me. I think it's one I'll have to try a few times. It's very comfortable.

    I've just ordered samples of more Malles! Dans tes Bras (I've been following the discussion - like the sound of something skin scented and close-lying, hoping the weirdness isn't to the fore!), French Lover (because I'm finding Iris Poudre interesting, and it's the other FM by Pierre Bourdon), and Noir Epices (well, they'll let you get three samples, and I haven't tried this one yet ).
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    Default Re: Building My Library

    Today I tried Malle's Bigarade Concentree. I was wowed by the initial burst of orange/tangerine zest. As if you peeled a tangerine at Christmas, inhaled the oils in the air, and rubbed the peel on your wrist. After an hour, there wasn't much of anything left, so I topped it up to show my husband. He said that for that style he prefers Hermes Eau d'Orange Verte, and I already have a bottle of that. Now, after a couple of hours, I'm finding the full-on orange zest thing a bit tiring. It's the opposite of yesterdays Iris Poudre, which was not exciting, but very comfortable to wear.

    A big stash of samples came in the post this morning, so I'm spoiled for choice for the next test .

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