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    No, I don't have any insider information! There is no such thing to my knowledge. But what if there were? It would seem a logical progression from the 'earth' of Terre dHerms to the 'sky' of my imaginary "Ciel dHerms".

    Here's your task, should you choose to accept it! Imagine you're J-C Ellena and the good people at Herms are demanding a follow-up fragrance to the magnificent TdH. How would you reformulate it given the brief that we're replacing 'earth' with 'sky'?

    Being the violet whore that I am, I would try replacing the orange (but leaving the grapefruit) with sharp, ethereal violets, re-working the pepper and flint notes but definitely keeping them relatively intact. But that's just me. J-C Ellena's take on Grey Flannel or Narciso Rodriguez.

    With Tdh, I get a mental picture of a mechanic in greasy overalls with a wrench in one hand and a freshly peeled orange in the other. I want to replace the orange with a bunch of violets in "CdH" !!!

    Now I've opened the flood-gates of revolt! But I'd love to read your ideas.

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    Default Re: Ciel dHerms

    I think this is a great thread question. I like the concept.
    I wonder what you are saying about violet -- do you mean violet leaf predominantly, or violet flower. Violet leaf to my nose is quite piercing, an ethereal note I suppose but one I'm still struggling to understand and like.
    I would suggest a very pure incense/resin combination. As you say, less orange and more grapefruit, maybe some lemon. Keep the pepper. Keep the florals to soften. Less benzoin. No cedar (too earthy, although I love it). Vetiver in a grassy mode, not soapy.

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    Default Re: Ciel dHerms

    Yes - I think this is an interesting question. TdH already has an Earth/Sky duality, heavy on the Earth, with a touch of Sky. I would say that the task is to flip it - mostly Sky with a bit of Earth. I think that Neil Morris Red Sky pretty well does that, but not in the light and purely transparent Ellena style. So I would say that it needs an ozonic component and a fresh component, but with JCE's minimalism.

    I agree that violets could work here. Spectral Violet is a very airy violet, and fits the image, but it is very damp and dank. This one needs to be dry, or at most very slightly aqueous. I agree that the cedar must be lost, and the vetiver of a high enough quality to show the airy aspect of Sel de Vetiver, and not the rooty earthiness of many darker vetivers.

    Man, this sounds good already!
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    I've been rethinking this... the violets are wrong, it pains me to admit! As it stands, it reminds me of Gucci II or Burberry Touch. Unless Redneck's "Spectral Violet" is a very different beast to the powdery pseudo violet used in GII and BT (although I like them both). Where can I smell "Spectral Violet"? My curiosity is extremely piqued!

    I'm thinking... cactus flower!

    It would work in with the 'desert' theme in the current TdH advertising.

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