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    Default Best Suggestions For College Socials?

    Hey folks -

    I searched for a related topic, but came up with nothing of recent except for suggestions relating to formal events. I am looking for some help on what to wear for college socials. This can range from a drunken party to a night on the town, etc.. So it's not exactly too limited, but the same general theme should apply to all situations.

    Here's a list of what I am looking for in what I wear
    Not looking for something "safe" or something to wear to college classes. This is strictly for going out.
    I am not bashful in what I wear, so something unisex or leaning feminine works great.
    Stands out Amongst the AdGer's and A*Mener's
    Youthful, yet sophisticated
    Compliment getter

    Here is what I have considered myself, though anything in my wardrobe is available, so feel free to have a look if you think something else works well. FInally, I have an absolute ton of niche and non-niche samples available, so feel free to say anything that comes to mind that I don't have.

    Bond No. 9 - Lexington Avenue
    Bond No. 9 - New Haarlem (I fear this won't stand out much amongst A*Men crowd)
    Bond No. 9 - West Side - Maybe it's just my nose, but I feel this scent wears too close to the skin like Bleecker. Or maybe I just haven't tested it enough
    Creed - Erolfa
    Creed - MI
    Creed - Himalaya
    Creed - Silver Mountain Water
    Terre D' Hermes

    Also Available - but commonly worn:
    Allure Homme
    Ed Hardy
    Dirty English
    Creed - GIT

    Any suggestions are appreciated

    EDIT: Woops - Wrong forum! Sorry ladies, PMing a Mod to get this moved.
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    Default Re: Best Suggestions For College Socials?

    Three that might fit the bill...

    1969 - Parfum de Revolt by HdP
    Nasomatto Absinth
    PG Intrigant Patchouli
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    Default Re: Best Suggestions For College Socials?

    You seem to like Bonds - how about Riverside Drive ("leaf zilla" according to Luca Turin)? Very different - stands out, but hard to pin down on the formal/informal scale.

    I'm also getting psyched by Tom Ford lately. His new Extreme (a limited edition) is both nose-grabbing and my wife loves it on my skin (not on paper the first time - too surprising for her). Also consider TF's Black Orchid - a unisex that's even more nose-grabbing (more extreme than Extreme). Wow! Either one will blow the dime-a-dozen AdGers out of the water. Again, slides along the scale from jeans to formal with zero difficulty.
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