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    Default Seeing cologne everywhere

    Alright, so I'm a huge nerd and I watch online commentated Starcraft matches. Whenever I watch the GOMTV matches:

    I always see giant towers of Rive Gauche behind the announcers. Anyone else been seeing colognes where they shouldn't be?

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    Default Re: Seeing cologne everywhere

    Oh, yeah. Any kind of oblate spheroid or disc makes me think Bulgari Aqua Pour Homme. Even go stones make me think about it. Racing slicks and fat tires - Bulgari Black. Women with long, glossy, dark red fingernails make me see Givenchy Pour Homme (and vice versa). Whiskey and coke make me think of McGraw (they colored that stuff perfectly). I could go on. I see fragrance everywhere, and I smell it when I see things.

    I have to admit, I was definitely seeing Rive Gauche. But Kelly Calèche was nice, too!
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