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    Default Guerlain Homme/Cartier Roadster...

    well i tried these two 'new' scents out at Sephora yesterday.....had heard alot about Roadster...

    Guerlain Homme was not a bad scent at all...sure it's a little generic, but it has a formal edge to it. smelled like it would be good with a suit on, or for work----wasn't really an interesting scent by any means. There was a bit of floral going on, light vetiver, light suede-ness, and some woods/cedar as well. My problem with this scent, and scents like this are a total lack of identity. If someone is wearing this, i would wager 95% of people could never associate this smell to a particular fragrance...i guess that's the definition of 'generic'. Not offensive....that's probably the best compliment i can give about this (4/10)

    Cartier Roadster is a waste of a good word. There have been alot of great cars with the word "roadster' within them....but this stuff is dire. To be honest, most of the Cartier scents tend to smell similar to me---and this is no exception. it's like a minty, spit tinged slightly woodsy concoction that basically didn't do a single damn thing for me! The bottle joins the rest of the Cartier line in being some of the ugliest in the business.....FAIL! (1/10)

    designer scents really are failing these days. i never thought i'd be this into niche stuff as i am these days----but they're really forcing me into this direction.

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    Default Re: Guerlain Homme/Cartier Roadster...

    I found both of these releases dull myself, as my reviews in the directory reveal, but I'm sure there are plenty of people out there who will enjoy them very much. I was particularly disappointed in the Guerlain - first because it is so generic, and I expect more distinctive scents from that house; and second because it makes such conspicuous use of what I believe to be a very cheap and overexposed base material.

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    Default Re: Guerlain Homme/Cartier Roadster...

    Guerlain homme smelled like the lemon water you wash your hands in after you have eaten shrimps in a restaurant. It is an ok scent, but i will definitely not buy it.

    Cartier roadster = failure
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