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    Default Fragrance recomendations?

    I am relatively new to Basenotes. I have really enjoyed reading the reviews and would like some scent rec's from any of you frag junkies. I should probably preface this by saying it almost seems like I hate perfume. That being said, I am addicted to it and am constantly looking for the perfect scent. I would like some advice about what I should try.

    Here are some things I can wear:

    Bulgari Blu Notte
    Eva Santa Maria Novella
    Comme Des Garcons White
    Gucci by Gucci
    Narciso Rodriguez edp
    Petite Cherie edp
    Very Sexy for Her
    Lolita Lempicka
    Very Sexy for Him
    Hermes Mediterranee
    Sogni Del Mare by Antonia's Flowers
    Issey l'eau bleu eau fraiche

    I dislike:

    Most Penhaligon's
    Most Chanel's
    Issey Miyake (!!!!)
    Le Baiser du Dragon
    Geisha M Rouge, Violet
    Dior's Miss Cherie and J'adore
    Caron's Parfum Sacre
    All Calvin Klein except 2004 summer

    Any guidance would be appreciated!
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    Default Re: Fragrance recomendations?

    You dislike most Chanels.. have you tried Coco Madamoiselle? My girlfriend doesn't a lot of perfume either but she loves CM to death.

    I also really can't get enough of Dior Addict 2. I can't put my finger on it yet, but there's a note in there I love, that doesn't show up until the base.
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    Default Re: Fragrance recomendations?

    Well, I'll mention that you might want to try and determine if you like or dislike certain notes. For me, if sandalwood or geranium is too pronounced, I can't deal with the fragrance, for instance. Also, I seem to go through phases where I find certain kinds of frags more appealing than others. Then, after a while, I get tired of them and I become more interested in the ones I'd been avoiding for a while. It sounds to me like you'd do well to get a bunch of samples and take your time with them. Wear each at least 3 times, at least a week apart, before passing judgment.

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