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    Default Starting them young.

    I decided to take some of my perfume collection into school on the last day before half-term
    for the end of day "show and tell" session.
    As I took the dust cover off them and revealed all, they were fascinated by
    all the various shapes and sizes. I had a few after -shaves to keep the boys happy too.
    We discussed the shapes of the bottles (triangular prism - PI, spherical - Paris etc,) and they were
    totally absorbed. Some even recognised the scents as ones their parents used.
    I told them about the three stage composition of a perfume and how to store them etc.
    I also let them a sniff of one or two on my wrist (have to be careful with asthma/allergies etc.)
    and by the end the classroom smelled very strongly of "Y" in particular.
    Next session i hope to get them to design a scent bottle and perhaps the juice in it too!!

    I hope I have instilled in them a love of scents. It's never too young to start. They are 9 years old
    by the way and very well-behaved, or wouldn't have risked it. Not exactly on the National Curriculum, but
    fun nonetheless.
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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    That 's brilliant Kewart. Developing an understanding of our senses and building a vocabulary is essential and so many of us have to wait until we're older to put that together (heck, I'm doing it now!). I'm jealous of your pupils for getting such a good start.
    And I love the idea of a scent project for next term. They could look in their kitchens and see what smells they like and think up a perfume of their own. Especially good with all the Xmassy smells around.
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    If not now, when?

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    What a great teacher you are - I would have killed for a teacher to have included scents into their curriculum when I was in school.

    Good job!

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    I had a crush on my 3rd grade teacher...
    I think some of your kids might develp a crush on you.

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    You never know, one of them may grow up to become a perfumer...someone has to, after all, why not one of them?

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    How fun! I would have loved that.
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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    If I ever have kids, I want them in your class!

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    What a wonderful idea! Bet this has rarely been done before, but perfume is a part of our culture. :toppie:

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    That is such a lovely idea! And I'm really impressed that some of the kids could recognise some of the scents that their parents wear!

    I guess you could get them to construct something using essential oils? That would be brilliant fun, and they'd have something to take home and wear, perhaps?

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    Fabulous idea kewart, such a fun topic for the children. Bringing fragrance appreciation to a young audience and encouraging them to form their own valuable opinions and ideas - just wonderful. Oh and thank you so much for the samples I received today. I'm enjoying Sonoma Scent Studio Femme Jolie as I type!

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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    Kewart, where in the UK do you teach?
    I do peripatetic music teaching as part of my living and visit a lot of schools.
    My 8 year old loves wearing his Versace Baby Blue Jeans (and I love to stael a spritz - great juice )
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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    In answer to the above question, I am actually a supply teacher, but tend just to go
    into two schools that I know well in the Telford area.
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    Default Re: Starting them young.

    Thats good that you started to teach your kids to like perfume young, I've been trying to get my little sister to like perfume, but she just won't budge.

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