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    Smile Ava Luxe Appreciation

    Today I wore Ava Luxe's Ambra Tibet as my SotD. There is something about this frag that has me constantly sniffing my wrist. It starts out as a spicy, dark type of scent with maybe a touch of incense and civet that dries down into a spicy amber perfume. It also seems to have great longevity and projects nicely off the skin; its been over 8 hours since application and I'm still enjoying this frag wafting up from underneath my shirt. This was my first blind buy and it was $30 well spent.

    This experience has me wanting to try some more of this houses creations. Who else has tried this house? What frags were the hits and which were the misses?
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    Default Re: Ava Luxe Appreciation

    I've only tried two from this house, and I found they were both bold, well-made creations.

    Midnight Violet is a well-rounded violet fragrance with intriguing smoky, woodsy, musky undertone that I love.

    Rasa Extreme is an extremely animalic rose and musk combination. It smells truly disgusting the first minute it's put on, but then moves into being a rich, pungent fragrance with excellent sillage.

    Both fragrances have excellent longevity on me. Both are unisex to my nose. Of the two, I find Midnight violet more wearable - Rasa Extreme is good, but more than a bit freakish all the same.

    I'm expecting a sample of Kretek to arrive in the mail soon. This is one house that I really look forward to exploring.
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    Default Re: Ava Luxe Appreciation

    Ambra Tibet is excellent. I used too much the first time, and I'm not sure if I like incense with amber, but it's worth sampling for sure. I liked Sweet Absinthe too, but I felt that other frags fit that niche in my rotation better. I do like Kretek and have about half an ounce of it, which I intend to keep. It's the best frag I've encountered where tobacco played more than a very subdued role and yet was bearable. I've tried one or two others but don't remember enough to speak about them. I do think they were all quite strong, which means that the prices are quite good, relatively speaking.

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    Default Re: Ava Luxe Appreciation

    Big fan of Film Noir here

    PVC and Leather. A Chain and a feather

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    Default Re: Ava Luxe Appreciation

    Anyone try Moksha? Sounds like a very woody parfum.

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    Default Re: Ava Luxe Appreciation

    I have sampled:

    Madame X
    Film Noir
    Ambre Tibet
    Love's True Bluish Light

    I found Ambre Tibet to be a short lived, but a much better composition than Hermessence Ambre Narguile. This is not to say AN has good longevity, as they both faded rather fast. Also, both were from dabber samples. But as far as the spicy top notes go--I thought the Ava Luxe was better!

    So far, Madame X and Film Noir have been the most interesting, complex and long lived frags.
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    Default Re: Ava Luxe Appreciation

    I'd like to hear more feedback on some of their unisex offerings. Being unfamiliar with Ava Luxe, their website has a few interesting looking scents in concentrated form.

    1.) Moksha
    2.) Opoponax Intense

    Anyone wear these?

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