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    Thumbs down ferrari / passion ??????????

    just wondering about ferrari / passion eau de toilette if there is two diffrent scent for this brand .help thanks

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    Default Re: ferrari / passion ??????????

    Why would there be two different scents for Ferrari Passion? Only one. Are you asking this question because you believe you may have gotten a fake fragrance? I once bought a knockoff Passion from eBay from a seller that had excellent feedback. Seriously, that stuff what diluted and it leaked out of the bottle which shows that it was tampered with. You could hear the juice inside and it sounded like water rather than how a fragrance juice does. Not anywhere near the authentic stuff that I got two years ago. I was able to salvage half of my money by returning it since the seller doesn't return shipping costs which he purposely jacked up to $10.99 and ships out in a bubbled envelope. That experience made me question buying anywhere else online other than Amazon. Anyway, I find Passion, Racing and Black to be quality fragrances.
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    Passion is a nice fragrance actually, but there's something in it that annoys me. After wearing it for 2 times, I sold it. It is also hardly detected after 2 hours, but people around you could catch its whiff for sure.
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    There are two Ferrari fragrance with Passion in the name. Passion and Passion Unlimited. Unimited is not in the directory but it smells similar to the regular Passion. The bottles are exactly the same except Unlimited has "UNLIMITED" in really small letters towards the bottom.

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    its ferrari / passion 100% sure i bought them from shoppers drugs store here in burnaby bc .

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