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    Default Thoughts on some recent samples

    I recently picked up a number of designer samples and after some time to test them all properly, I thought I would share my thoughts with the greater Basenotes community.
    I picked up the following samples:
    1. Armani Attitude
    2. Ed Hardy
    3. L'eau par Kenzo
    4. Narcisco Rodriguez
    5. YSL L'Homme
    6. Emporio Armani Diamonds

    Armani Attitude - This may be the cleanest, freshest scent I have ever smelled. It is a totally agreeable, utterly versatile fragrance. Very well balanced to my nose (I can't really id any individual notes). Wonderful and my wife likes it!

    Ed Hardy - A very pleasant, easy to wear fragrance. Pleasant....that is the word that kept coming to mind when wearing this. Nothing ground-breaking, just a very pleasant, woman pleasing scent.

    L'eau Par Kenzo - WOW!!!!! This is amazing to my nose. It is so fresh, without coming across as a ADG clone. I would prefer this to ANY other fresh-y scent I have ever tried. WOW! My wife liked it, and it has now moved to the top of my to-buy-list.

    Narcisco Rodriguez - WTF!!!??? This is so strange! Not something I would care to ever wear. My wife and I tried to figure out why it smells so "familiar" but we couldn't. The ever present mildewed/moldy dirt smell was UNpleasant. Worst fragrance I have smelled since Hypnose.

    YSL L'Homme - This is a sleeper. May be the richest, fullest, top to bottom scent I have ever encountered. Just a beauty from start to finish (lasts ALL DAY). Exceptionally versatile, it is appropriate for a first date (I would encourage it), day at the office, a day working outdoors....the list just goes on and on. It is at the top of my to-buy-list with L'eau par Kenzo. In fact, I would take either and be as happy as a pig in sh*t. My wife REALLY likes this one.

    Emporio Armani Diamonds - I really wanted to like this one....but no matter how many times I wore it, I couldn't. The cocoa note is too much. Sometimes it makes my stomach upset, other times it makes my eyeballs ache. But, about 6 hours after I put this on it FINALLY becomes a wonderful scent. The base is lovely, but the top and mid notes are too gross to wait through.

    Best to Worst

    #1 L'eau par Kenzo
    #1a YSl L'Homme
    #3 Armani Attitude

    Ed Hardy

    Emporio Armani Diamonds
    Narcisco Rodriguez (Never again)
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    Default Re: Thoughts on some recent samples

    Totally agree on L'Homme - I expected it to be craptacular after reading all the bad reviews but it turned out to be a great warm, sensual, elegant and masculine scent with great longevity. Quickly climbed into my top 5.

    Narcisco Rodriguez - another ditto, what the hell were they thinking? I know many basenoters loved it (there's a whole thread with rave reviews) but to me this smelled horridly repulsive, almost nauseating. And the damn thing continued to stink even after I tried to rub it off twice with soap

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    Default Re: Thoughts on some recent samples

    Nice reviews. I'll never get liking the stank stuff like Narcisco Rodriguez either. Not relly anything I will aspire to smell like or want to dare to smell like.
    "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."
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