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    Exclamation Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

    Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

    Marcy Goldman kicks off our brand new home fragrancing column with a look at lavender. Marcy takes a look at its history and usage as well as recommending some ways lavender can enhance your home.


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    Default Re: Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

    I loved this article! Marcy really covered all bases and I enjoyed her writing style. I look forward to more from her.
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    It's nice to have a whole article devoted to lavender. Three of the author's statements surprised me, and I would like to hear more details and see how solid these statements really are:

    1. "English, French and Spanish are its botanical trio of roots and it is the last which is the one most relied on for essential oils." - What actually is meant by that botanical trio of roots?
    One would expect to find wild lavender in Spain, because it is a Mediteranian plant after all. But I was not aware that Spanish lavender oils would have a particular fame and be widely used outside its homeland. By the way: it also wasn't the Romans who brought lavender to Spain and France! The recommendable Wikipedia article on Lavender says that Spanish lavender is used in landscaping. Thankfully, that article also includes a few warnings concerning lavender applications. Where actually is lavender cultivated in Spain?

    2. "England has a plethora of lavender farms and companies..." - Where are farms of any nominable size located ? And while in the UK: how about Scotland?

    3. "According to Luca Turin, in his book, Perfumes The Guide" the best lavender is from the monks of Caldey Island, South Wales."

    I guess the author means the perfume, not the lavender fields or any oil, because only oils from southern France are used to make the Caldey Lavender: “Excellent grades of steam-distilled lavender oil come from all over the world, but adding just the right amount of other stuff to turn lavender into a real perfume is tricky… Caldey Island Lavender has an exquisite quiet, musky drydown. It was composed by Flemish freelance perfumer Hugo Collumbien, now 89 years old. I called him up to ask how he did it, and he explained he used the best stuff from Sault, in the Vaucluse.“ (Luca Turin in NZZ Folio of September 2006).
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    Default Re: Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

    L'Occitane has a nice Lavender Home Perfume.

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    Default Re: Home Fragrancing: Lavender Fields Forever

    Has anyone tried the Millefiori range of home fragrances. The Lavender is beautiful. I have been using this at home (bedroom and dining room) for about 18 months.

    I only know UK sites such as

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