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    Default The Neiman's SA practically had to sit on me to get me to try it...

    I generally prefer go into Neiman's to try fragrances as the SA's there are usually the mildest and they'll let you sniff everything without hassling you. I went in a couple days ago, not really intending to buy anything, more just looking to sniff the newest releases. When I told the SA that she pounced on Infusion d'Iris and repeatedly insisted that I had to try it on skin. I let her spray it on a card and thought "meh." I had yet to have any luck with iris so I kind of blew it off.

    I went on to sample Roadster, which was different and didn't evoke toothpaste for me. Gucci by Gucci got my attention with its tobacco, and I opted to try that on skin. White Patchouli was a disappointment - floral bugspray. At Sephora Guerlain Homme evoked those dime-a-dozen girly fruity florals. Kenzo Power likewise, not for me. Alas I wasn't able to escape past the Neiman's SA who pounced again with the Infusion tester in hand, letting her spray some on me was the price of getting out the fragrance department.

    I walked around the mall for an hour and the nice opening on the Gucci had fallen apart into a generic perfumey thing, while Infusion had bloomed. It took me ahwile to wrap my head around it. It was at once both floral and rooty and fresh in a living way, rather than in a jolting way. Soapy yes, but an almost aldehylic soapiness rather than the literal bar of soap-type soapiness.The iris at the heart is so rich and smooth I can only describe it as buttery.

    I have tried many times to like iris - from Hiris to L'homme coeur to the Dior Hommes and Infusion d'Iris for women. I gave up on the note, and moved on. After wearing Infusion d'Homme for an hour I yielded, went back to Neiman's and bought the edt and aftershave balm.

    Subsequent wearings have vindicated that decision as I continue to discover its facets. From the crystal clear and obsidian sharp Nerioli opening through to the subtle resinous base which whispers smokily.

    I am a big fan of the "aftershave balm" which is essentially just a facial moisturizer. The pump on it doles out very precise small amounts which precludes overapplication and waste. I find it works well as a facial moisturizer and I also like to use it as a pomade in my moustaches and goatee. Not only does it add body and shine to the hair, but a sudbued fragrance as well. As the day winds down and the smokiness of the balm rises I am minded of the pharonic use of labdanum in their false beards. At home I wear just the balm and don't both with the edt.

    IMO this is the Chanel No 5 of men's fragrance. I will hopefully be able to go back for the bar soap soon.
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    Default Re: The Neiman's SA practically had to sit on me to get me to try it...

    There seems to be many threads about Neiman Marcus's quirks lately.

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