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    Default Great feeling

    I came back from my walk this evening and I was looking at my wardrobe and assessing it bc I have put a bunch of new items up for sale and realized that I have 5 fragrances that I absolutely love. Meaning that if I had to choose 5 fragrances that I could not live without then these would be it. If I had to choose 5 then these would be the ones. This has taken me since June, 2008 to get here, but I feel great with these 5 and they are very special to me. The advice, etc... that I have received at Basenotes has been exceptional and I truly appreciate it. So here are my top 5 in no particular order:

    1-Amouage, Jubilation XXV*
    2-Tom Ford, Black Orchid*
    3-YSL, Opium EDP*
    4-Jack Black, Black Mark*
    5-Renee, Musk+

    *Got these from the following members at Basenotes, thank you: Nelson29 (Nelson was kind enough to send me a PM and provide me with XXV because he had an extra-exceptional act of kindness and generosity), ChuckW, Pluran, and Petruccijc.

    +Got this at ScentBar during a BN meet-up with Asha, Lushsoup, Astaroth, and Turquoisewater, and thank you Ashley, a very helpful and patient SA.
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    It is nice to step back every once in a while and put this obsession into perspective.

    Here's to many more wonderful discoveries!
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    Good to hear..from one counselor to another!

    My goal all along has been to find 5..since that is my limit..that always have me happy. I've gotten close but I end up trading/selling and redoing it all after smelling others. I thought I was close until I discovered after hating it that I love TdH. Plus I'm starting to lean towards a little heavier scents to go along with London and others and leaving behind some of my lighter loves.
    "As you walk down the fairway of life you must smell the roses, for you only get to play one round."
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    Default Re: Great feeling

    Isn't the feeling of sheer gratitude something!? Enjoy!

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    It is so nice to be humbled and inspired by your collection. I am feeling that way once again as well. Congrats and keep the positive attitude!

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    Your story put a smile on my face. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing mate

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    Great story Danny..Im pretty sure you will add to your collection as time goes by..part of this obsession of ours is the never ending desire to have the perfect wardrobe which i think we will never have. i cant wait until you add your 6th

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