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    Default Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream

    I just bought this product and love it. While it may be minimally more drying than the Cetaphil cleanser I used to use, I love the sensation it delivers.

    I'm hearing from a select a small minority that Menthol/camphor/euc oil are harsh on the skin.

    Any long-time Noxzema users out there who can cite their experiences?

    Additinoally any long-time Noxzema users out there who also tan regularily? Worried the mint will make me photosensitive...

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    Default Re: Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream

    Can't answer as to it being harsh on the skin, but I wouldn't think so since it's recommended for skin irritation such as windburn and sunburn. I love the scent of Noxzema and the cooling effect, but it made me break out when I used it as a teen. I wonder if my skin might like it now? Hmm....might have to give it a go.

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