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    Ok, maybe it is just me... but do you get excited when you order perfumes and you just wish they would come NOW even though you *just* placed the order? I do and it is like being a child at Christmas! You know what you asked for, you know you will get it, but you wish you did not have to wait!

    I just placed an order with for samples and cannot wait to try them. Granted, I have fallen prey to the well crafted review from luckyscents before, but I get the sense from other's comments here that the love of his work, spirituality and joy that is expressed in the descriptions is real.

    It does not hurt that I am fascinated with the Sufi religion and love the mind/body/soul vibe that is on his website.

    I wonder how long it takes to ship to the US from Europe? Two weeks? Three? Does not matter... It will be like Christmas, even if it is closer to Thanksgiving.

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    :bounce:Mamamia, I know just what you mean. As I write this I am waiting impatiently for the UPS person to deliver my scents from BH today, as well as for an email from another e-tailer about when my order is going to ship! It has been delayed a week already, so I am getting more anxious by the minute.

    Would it not be fabulous if we could receive our purchases via television, like the Mike TV with the candy bar scene in the film, "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?" Instant gratification!:bounce:

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    Mamamia, I placed an order for samples earlier this week, so I know exactly what you mean . Mine don't have quite as far to travel, but I keep trying to work out what is a reasonable transit time - and looking out for the delivery long before it's at all plausible!

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    Believe it or not, they have a electronic device that hooks up to your mailbox and when the mail arrives it sounds a buzzer in the house.
    "There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which can not fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance-that principle is contempt prior to investigation." HERBERT SPENCER

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverbullet View Post
    Believe it or not, they have a electronic device that hooks up to your mailbox and when the mail arrives it sounds a buzzer in the house.
    In England we don't generally have mailboxes. The delivery person rings the doorbell and waits to hand over your goodies directly. (Letters and small packages, like samples, will fit through the letterbox in the front door, so they don't need to ring/knock on the door for those.)

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    Sure, and it's caused me to select expeditious shipping options that were ridiculously reflective of a childish impatience.

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