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    Unhappy totally losing the perfume plot

    Hi guys - have been a voyeur peeking over your shoulders and using the site for about a year without signing up but now need some expert advice.

    I just can't find seem to find a frag that is right for me anymore. I'm finding too many just fade into nothing and I can't smell a thing after about 10 minutes. I don't know if it's age (late 30s), hormones, or whatever, but since I wear scent for me and not anyone else, It's dismal. I've spent a year looking, spraying and have got nowhere really. All the shop assistants I've approached seem to have no idea and keep recommending just the latest buys. It feels like fishing in the dark, so please help

    My first love was probably Jovan musk oil, but I certainly haven't seen the oil for years. I do have the spray but the staying power seems pretty poor.
    I've used, loved (and in most cases left) the following over the years (in order..)
    Jovan oil - can't find, even online
    Body shop wood musk - discontinued
    Fendi - now gives me headaches
    Dolce e Gabbana (red cap) - lost its charm and hijacked by sister!
    Scent, costume national - no complaints for everyday, but doesn't feel very glam of an evening.
    Deep Red, Hugo Boss - love it, but can't smell it any more.
    Gloria, cacherel - never expected to like this, but used for a few years. discontinued
    Terre d'Hermes - thought I'd cracked it here. LOVED it, then brought a tester home and the hubby almost vomited! pity...
    Green Tea, Elizabeth Arden - summers only

    Is it me, am I doomed to fading frags or can you suggest something. I'd really like a nice sensual day/evening scent. Sorry for the long post.

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    You seem to like distinctive scents with musk and light incense (I think that's what is in Costume National, someone please correct me if that's not the case) - have you tried Nu, by YSL? I received LOTS of compliments wearing that, but it's just not me, so I don't wear it anymore. It can be a little difficult to find.

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    Yes, musk is definitely a constant in there. I ordered up some musc ravageur testers after reading the site when I discovered it last year. It's a fabulous concoction but you just couldn't wear it every day.

    Haven't heard of Nu to be honest, so will look it up. thank you.

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    Before I even TRY and help you, I want to know...

    How in the hell did you come to this site for a YEAR without signing up?! (this site is about the most addictive thing I've ever encountered!)
    Lately I've been wearing:
    Windsor, Bois de Santal, Original Santal, Elixir, Douro, Endymion, Reflection, Arcus, Marwah

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    Self-denial, my friend. It is so addictive I've had to restrain myself or else I"d have started skipping work! I am already hopelessly hooked on some other 'community sites' and am in danger of not leaving the house...

    So, what do you think? I think its probably down to my odd body chemistry that the frags are losing their potency on me (I have arthritis and it does very strange things, though I don't take medication for it...) But in my more bitter moments I have considered whether some of the most popular perfume houses are failing to make their newer scents as strong because they sell more?? That could just be the mean cycnical journalist in me though!

    I've put on my wardrobe a list of what I've tried and I emphasise it's by no means exhaustive. I've tried the old classics too, Mitsouko etc, and, so far, they haven't give me the inner glow we all look for in the the 'right one' . I know it's out there somewhere, I just can't find it.

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    Try Alien by Thierry Mugler. It's potent but not weather system changing, and I think you'll like it. It shares the warmth that Deep Red has. Maybe try Dior's Pure Poison? It reminds me of Gloria, just not nutty.
    I Love Love by Moschino might be good for a Green Tea replacement..

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    Welcome to Basenotes!

    Two thoughts:

    Divatologist is our resident expert on preparing your skin to increase the longevity and sillage of fragrances. Please check out her blog. There is also a thread in which she and others share the techniques that work for them: The Secret to Sillage!!!

    Second, it is common for people to be anosmic to musks. There are only a few musks that I can smell - many I cannot detect at all. Kiehl's Original Musk Oil (not the EdT) is my favorite musk. Since I seem to have better results with oils, I have recently added Ajmal's phenomenal Musk Ghazelle and a few Egyptian musk oils which I like very much.
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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    I've always sprayed scent onto my chest/inner elbows, and, occasionally, if I'm wearing a skirt onto my legs. It seemed the obvious thing to do. I'd never worked out why someone would smell behind your ears and it's a waste of frag on the wrists if you do any washing up. It just seemed the obvious thing to do.
    You're probably right about the oils, come to think of it. I had forgotten. The scents I've had most success with are oils and I used to look them out over and above sprays but they became harder to find.
    I knew it was worth signing up for Basenotes....

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    Have you tried Chanel Allure Sensuelle? It may be a good substitute for the D&G red cap. It has light incense. I second the suggestion about Nu.

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    Default Re: totally losing the perfume plot

    You sound like you are ready to try some niche frags. What about Montale? There are dozens and they are very strong. Samples are easy to get (Aedes, LuckyScent Parfums Raffy, Les Scenteurs, etc.) or Serge Lutens, zillions of musks that are better quality than those in the Department stores. The last time I looked at the dept store faire I got so depressed, there was just nothing to try or buy. They all pretty much smell alike and copy each other. There are exceptions in the classics which I already own ie; some Estee Lauder and some Chanel. Most of the Chanel had to be bought at boutique stores.
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