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    Default Plasticine

    I cannot stand the smell of plasticine. There are 3 fragrances that share that common plasticine note, at least to my nose. Le Male (JPG) , Kouros Body and Versace Dreamer. (I am sure more fragrances also)
    Today I tried Body Kouros... some base noters already said it has that LEMALE smell, I second that all the way. uhgggggggg.
    Tell me what others smell like Le Male so that I dont waste time trying it.
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    I wouldn't try Bulgari Pour Homme Soir then as it shares that same note as Body Kouros, and smells fairly similar to it although it is lighter and less obnoxious.

    I can't stand BK or Le Male either. The Dreamer I've never sampled on anything but a card.
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    Default Re: Plasticine

    Fleur d' Male is even worse!

    Beyond Paradise obviously must be mentioned as well. It is among the worst and most synthetic-smelling plastic garbage I've ever tried.

    Dunhill Desire Blue is pretty plasticine as well.
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    Default Re: Plasticine

    Avoid Fahrenheit 32 by Dior.

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