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    Default In Praise of Nomad by D'Orsay

    One of the little annoyances of this great website is that the editing function in the reviews section has been off for some time, and I have not been able to post my "mea culpa" over a neutral review of Nomad by D'Orsay. I wrote it about two years ago when I was a pup in this game, and failed to appreciate the significance of intensity of application of fragrance. Too few squirts and a delicate fragrances goes unappreciated, and that is what happened with Nomad, which is in a word GREAT.

    Nomad is the fragrance equivalent of a Frank Stella painting. It has soft, subtle layers of notes that all appear in short order, but they keep changing in their order: woods, citrus, spice, all there, appearing distinctly and harmoniously, if ever so lightly. It has both subtlety and longevity. It is modern, yet somehow traditional. Another pure, unblemished gem from this most worthy house.

    While they smell very different, Nomad reminds me a bit of the great Hugh Parson's Blue, in that it is not overly strong, and each has moderate projection, yet they both are longevity champs, and both are so compellingly sophisticated and, well, in a another word-- beautiful.

    The evolution of Nomad over the course of a day from one aspect to another is something only the wearer can truly appreciate, but it is very gratifying. For anyone who loves a masterpiece with subtlety over powerhouse silage, this is very worth trying and buying.
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    Default Re: In Praise of Nomad by D'Orsay

    Mea Culpa indeed! Nomade is the one I wrote off as well, but liked it the second time I tried it (although not as much as the other gems from D'Orsay).

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    Default Re: In Praise of Nomad by D'Orsay

    the Best D'Orsay for me,IMO
    TOP 5: Thundra Profumun, Le Seducteur Micallef, Ciaan Source A, Saint Julep, Green Water

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