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    Default How to apply a fragrance (edt spray)

    Really basic question (I'm new and I never gave fragrances much thought):

    How do you apply a fragrance (number and location of sprays)? And, are you worried about the fragrance hitting/touching clothes (example: your coat could smell like 3 fragrances because you wear it everyday and don't wash it every week).

    Thanks for your help!

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    Default Re: How to apply a fragrance (edt spray)

    The number os sprays really depends on the fragrance. Some require more sprays while others are strong enough that a few sprays will do. There is no right or wrong answer. Just be wise not too overspray and test a fragrance out and the number of sprays that you feel are necesary before going into a room with many people. When I am in class I don't spray that much, but when I go out somewhere I spray more because I will not be enclosed in a small area with many people. The areas I spray are on my forearms and chest area. Since there is body hair there it will preserve the fragrance longer. I also put on a shirt after a minute or so since this will keep the fragrance around longer. The only thing I would probably advice against is spraying directly on your clothes since this will not allow the fragrance to develop like it would if it was sprayed on the skin.

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    Default Re: How to apply a fragrance (edt spray)

    I spray mainly on my chest. Usually I let it dry before dressing. If I am wearing a frag with poor longevity, I will apply to my chest and dress immediately, letting some of the juice soak into the fabric. Some fragrances will stain clothing, so be careful. The number of sprays depends on how strong it is. For the average fragrance it is two or three spritzs to the chest. For very strong frags, I may only do one spray to the chest (Paco Rabanne, Yatagan etc.).

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