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    Default scent for qatar and dubai

    heading of to those places for a couple of months. i don't own many orientals aside from habit rouge and gucci envy but this would be a good opportunity to start a collection. i am curious about LDDM and amouage. perhaps a lutens or an amber? Any fragrance suggestions? Also, i'd definitely love sugestions for local perfumery shops to buy essential oils and such.

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    Default Re: scent for qatar and dubai

    Watch for Swissarabia -- they are an interesting company. You can google them and get a sense of their line. I imagine they would have outlets there.
    I have one called "Hamsa nouveau" that is amazing, interesting and powerful.

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    Default Re: scent for qatar and dubai

    Definitely check out Lyric men by Amouage and the attars sold by companies like agarscents.
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    Default Re: scent for qatar and dubai

    Any Amouage. I bought a mini-sample of Homage, it is soooo beautiful!

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    Default Re: scent for qatar and dubai

    been reading some reviews on ambers. these 3 seem intereting, l'air du desert marocain, ambre precieux, and ambre sultan.

    among amouage's offerings dia pour homme seems to like something i'd like to try.

    i wonder though is ambre precieux and the sultan more feminine of masculine since amber as a note itslef is quite feminine to me.


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    Default Re: scent for qatar and dubai

    You know what - if you want a good LOCAL scent, then just go there and haunt various shops. I fear most of them will just carry a lot of mass market things at high prices - but if you can find a good old perfumery shop that makes their own stuff you can get real arabian fragrance oils. Possibly mixed to your specifications.

    The major complaint of those, of course, is they lack subtlety and "sophistication." But the same reviewers would be likely to pay close attention to the marketing categorization of "male" and "female" scents.

    Anyway - it is exciting and could be a lot of fun! Good luck! Let us know what you find!
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