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    Default Captain by Molyneux

    Anyone familiar with this scent? I've almost never met a Molyneux that I didn't like. Is it a very very masculine scent or could it tread the boundaries of unisex? I believe it's discontinued although still available on discount sites, so I'd like to experience it before it disappears, if it seems to my taste.

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    Very masculine, hardly unisex. It has been discontinued. Very strong at first, average to poor longevity. Foetidus' description ( is quite accurate.

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    Thanks, Pollux. Lavender-y and light and reminiscent of a ship's laundry piques my curiosity. If I can still get it for a song, for the prices I've seen on discount sites, I might take the plunge.

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    You are welcome!

    Even though it is not my favorite, I can't deny it is quite oriignal compared to scents in use.

    Please write back and let us know your opinion as soon as you get your bottle. Bye!

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